149. The Fisherman and the sex club – part 2

We drove home holding hands on my knee, just as we had driven to the sex club.  We didn’t talk much, not out of awkwardness, but rather a desire to wait and unpack our experience together under the covers.

The Fisherman didn’t waste any time when we got back to my place.  We got naked and into bed, and he threw the covers back so he could bury his face between my thighs.  I was so turned on and knew if he spent more than a few seconds there I would come all too soon and I wanted this to last.

We rolled back and forth excitedly from one position to another, all the while talking about our night.

“When I saw you kiss her I got so turned on.”

“When I watched you sucking his dick I got so excited.”

“How did his cock feel?”

“Did you like me licking her nipples?”

“How did her pussy taste?”

“It was so hot when he was making you moan.”

We were the sexiest two people alive and it was exhilarating.  All we had seen and felt and touched and tasted was intensely fuelling our desire for each other.

The Fisherman stood by the side of my bed and told me to sit on the edge.  I did so and bent my head down to take his perfect cock into my mouth.  I liked it better than The Guy’s and I told him so. It was the right girth, length and rock hard.  Perfect.

“Thats not why I made you sit here.” The Fisherman told me to lie back.  He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me right to the edge of the bed and pushed that perfect cock into me. He took my ankles and pushed my legs wide apart so he could watch his cock slide in and out of me, then licked his thumb and fingers and used them to massage my clit which had been throbbing for hours.  It was ecstasy.

My orgasm came hard and I could barely stand it.  We fucked for hours and couldn’t get enough.  Images flashed through our heads like snapshots, glimpses of hot memories from just a short while before, firing our passion like shovels of coal being thrown into an engine. When I got sore, he would gently massage my throbbing pussy with his hand and fingers, kissing me sweetly and talking to me about our night, until we got so turned on we had to fuck again.  Eventually we fell asleep, cuddled together.

We had discussed beforehand how important it would be for him to stay over afterwards.  You can’t have an experience like that and not relish the hot intimate sex that comes after, or abandon your partner to think about the night on their own.

After my experiences with The Toolman, I fully expected him to bail and make up a reason to go home, but he didn’t.  He stayed all night and, while I barely slept with another person in my bed, it was quite wonderful.

In the morning we woke up stroking each other and before long were having sleepy, lazy morning sex (oh how I miss that!).  We invoked the images of the night before and talked about what we would like to try next time.

I told him to stand next to me as I lay on the bed.

“Next time, I want us to find a room with a high table in it.  I want to lie like this and suck your cock while you finger me and the people in the doorway watch.” I told him, taking his cock in my mouth, while he fingers found my pussy lips.

“Maybe I will invite the couples in the doorway to come and lick your sweet, wet pussy.” He told me.

I groaned with pleasure, imagining the sensation of my face busy in his crotch while anonymous strangers tantalised me with their mouths on mine.

I came quickly, my cries muffled my his hard cock in my mouth.

“Oh baby, please, please fuck me!” I begged.

The Fisherman got on top of me and rode the waves of my orgasm, stroking my spasming insides with his rock hard dick.

“I want to have you with another guy.” He told me as I writhed in pleasure.

“You want to fuck me like this while I suck his cock right in front of you, don’t you?” I asked and immediately felt his cock get more rigid.

“God yes.” He sighed.

“You want to watch him cum in my mouth right in front of your face while you fuck me, don’t you?” I teased.

“Oh yes, yes!” He exclaimed as he came, panting and kissing me between groans.

We lay together cuddling and kissing, sticky and sweaty and satisfied.  After a while he told me he needed a shower and got up.  I lay on the bed, wanting him to come back for just a little longer.

When he got out of the shower, he stood drying himself as he admired my naked body sprawled on the bed.

“That is a beautiful sight.”

“Are you going to head off, or would you like some breakfast?” I asked, trying to be a good hostess.

“I am going to head off, I’m afraid.  I’m meeting my brother soon.”

I couldnt’ remember if he had mentioned his brother before, and it gave me a nasty Toolman flashback.

I shook that out of my head and saw The Fisherman out.  He thanked me for an amazing night and I told him I hoped to see him again very soon.  The Fisherman agreed, kissed me tenderly and left me to spend the rest of my day recovering.

I showered, then napped, snacked and watched old movies all day. Whenever I felt a bit stiff or sore, it would make me smile at the memory of how I got that way.  I would have liked The Fisherman to stay maybe another hour, and I tried not to let my insecurities take my mind to negative places.

Unlike my experiences with The Toolman, there was no jealousy.  There were no moments where I was unhappy about what he was doing with The Woman, and I was genuinely happy for her to experience his skills and enjoy them for the few moments she could.  I was excited to have put on the show The Fisherman wanted to see, and I got off on the exhibitionism.

I’m hoping the sex club experience and the intimacy it brought to us that night, can be sustained for a long time to come.  And when it starts to be a faded memory, that we will do it again.


6 thoughts on “149. The Fisherman and the sex club – part 2

  1. That sore memory feeling is one of the best in the world lol as always thank you for sharing, I always look forward to your posts. I definitely can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and the fisherman!!

    • Thanks Jes. I’ve been smiling to myself all week and writing this post was even a turn on!
      I don’t know what the future holds for The Fisherman and I. I love having sex with him but I just don’t see a future beyond what we are doing now. I just hope this amazing sex lasts! Time will tell….
      Thank you for reading 💖

  2. It’s amazing that her her body seems to know chemically that she was made to be hooked by The Fisherman’s and to become His catch versus her previous experience. Can’t wait to see trajectory of the story.

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