148. The Fisherman and the sex club – part 1

The Fisherman had often mentioned he would love to see me have sex with another man.  He and his ex-wife had a couple of “hot wife” experiences, where another man came over and they role-played a scenario where The Fisherman walked in on his wife with the other guy.  He would watch a while before joining in and treating his wife to two men at once.

This was a goal to which I could enthusiastically aspire.

When I would enquire as to whether he would also enjoy seeing me with another woman, The Fisherman was cautiously optimistic, but I could tell he thought that t’was but a dream

We discussed the idea of visiting the sex club.  I told him of my experience there more than two years ago with The Toolman, and The Fisherman was captivated.

As weeks went by and we continued to fuck each other every other week or so, and the idea was becoming a plan as we talked dirty to each other about the naughty fantasies we would like to have at the sex club.

And soon the night arrived.  The Fisherman drove us to the club, one hand on my knee, our fingers intertwined as we measured our expectations.

“There may not be anyone else there, or we might not want to fuck any of them, or they might not want to fuck us.  Let’s just expect to have sex with eachother somewhere different and experience something new.”  I cautioned, then told him what to expect, how the club was laid out and how to observe the etiquette of this strange and exciting place.

The Fisherman took my hand as we walked through the car park to the discrete entrance, and I couldn’t help but notice there were many more cars than the last time I had been here.  It was a promising sign.

The Fisherman paid our entry fee and we were buzzed in, given towels which we stowed in our assigned locker and headed to the bar.  As The Fisherman bought us drinks, I looked around.  There were about ten other couples in various states of undress.  Some were, like us, still in their street clothes, some very casually dressed, others in lingerie and others fully naked but wrapped in towels, as well as some other combinations of these.

Sidebar – you have no idea how difficult it is to dress for this occasion.  I bought fancy new underwear and I wanted people to see it.  Lots of people wander around completely naked and others dress right up.  You have to decide how you want your night to unfold before you pick an outfit.  Will I get in the hot tub right away? If so, no need for nice knickers! Or makeup either!  But I want to look sexy and feel desirable, and clothes are our costumes in this fantasy world.  Very tricky.  The Fisherman obviously didn’t consider any of this because when he removed his jeans in the locker room later he looked at me shocked and embarrassed. “Oh God these undies are terrible!”  He exclaimed. And they were.  Saggy, worn-through boxer briefs that weren’t even a little sexy. It was a hilarious shared moment and I know next time he will have something newer and more expensive to show off!

We found a table and sat together talking and looking around.  It is an unusual atmosphere; a bar full of strangers who barely look you in the eye but you very well might fuck later.

One couple caught my eye.  I saw him first; a slender hairless guy with neat brown hair, looking at me with a smile.  He wasn’t my type at all, but I could tell this was not his first time here.  He looked a bit like an accountant who lost his suit, and in the daytime world he would have come across as a little sleazy, but in this environment, just wrapped in a towel, his vibe was seemingly sensual and experienced.  Lets call him The Guy.

His partner was a soft, strikingly attractive blonde woman.  They appeared to be in their late forties or early fifties and I could tell she would have been a ravishing beauty in her twenties.  She reminded me of Agnetha from ABBA when she was in her forties.  She had a elaborate, strappy black lace lingerie set on and I complimented her on it as she walked past.

She smiled and thanked me but continued on her way. Lets call her The Woman.

The club was filling up steadily and The Fisherman seemed a little overwhelmed, but we were enjoying talking and I felt like we were bonding over our shared observations of the scene unfolding around us.  We were laughing and kissing and holding hands, and it felt for a moment like we were a real couple.  I think he expected we would be standing by the bar chatting with lots of friendly people but that wasn’t the reality.  Couples stick to each others side, whispering about the other couples, negotiating quietly about who they like and who they don’t .

You think it is hard to find one compatible partner?  Try satisfying the desires of four people simultaneously.  I like her, but he doesn’t like her, he likes her but I don’t like him, and the various permutations therein.  Its easy for couples to get frustrated with a reticent partner and there was one couple we noticed who were clearly not on the same page.  She sat fully clothed, sour look on her face, handbag clutched tightly on her knees, while her partner slouched next to her on the couch, pouting and rolling his eyes. Terse words were exchanged over the course of an hour and eventually he seemed to patch things up by bringing her a glass of champagne.  Things must have been worked out because we saw them later; he was sprawled on a high table while she bent over him sucking his dick.  And they say romance is dead.

The Fisherman and I finished our drinks and were impatient for the action to start.  Most people were still clothed and drinking around the bar, but a few couples who had been in the hot tub were beginning to go upstairs, returning after a while, showering, getting another drink then heading back upstairs.

We undressed at our locker and made our way upstairs in our underwear.  The Guy and The Woman I had noticed earlier were on the couch at the top of the stairs.  He was lounging back on the couch while she knelt between his legs giving him a blow job.  He smiled at me and I smiled back.  The Fisherman and I walked past and had a quick look in a few rooms but couldn’t see much happening.  I took his hand and led him into a room with a lockable door where we lay on top of our towels on the large raised table, and began to warm each other up.  The Fisherman was clearly distracted by the increasing noises we could hear eminating from the rooms around us and he was getting too turned on.

“Oh God I have to stop.  Lets go out there.” He said abruptly and pulled me to my feet.  We laughed and he took my hand, and made our way through the narrow, maze-like corridors that separated the small rooms, following promising noises. We walked past a congested doorway where people were watching a very loud woman ride her partner aggressively.

At the end of the corridor we found a couple in a room with their door open; an invitation for spectators and potential participants.  Permission and consent are everything in this environment, so The Fisherman and I pressed together by the door just watching.  If they wanted us to come in they would ask.  She was a busty brunette and he was a bald-headed, stocky guy and I was quite turned on by them both. The Fisherman stood behind me, one arm around my waist and the other over my shoulder, his fingertips gently brushing my nipple beneath my bra cup.

We watched lustily for a few minutes as the couple changed positions and put-on a show for us.  Other couples came up to the door and would watch with us for a few seconds, give us a smile then wander off to look at the scenes in other rooms.

Soon The Guy and The Woman came to the doorway to watch too, and The Guy adopted the same position as The Fisherman, stroking and pinching his partner’s nipple gently as they watched. The Fisherman pushed my bra cup to one side so my nipple was exposed and The Guy smiled at me.

“May I touch too?” He asked.

“Sure,” I smiled, “Can I touch too?” I nodded my head towards The Woman.

He nodded and I reached over to The Woman’s breast and stroked her soft skin.  The Fisherman’s hard cock pressed into my ass and The Guy reached around with his free hand to squeeze and stroke my ass.  I caught The Woman’s eye and she snaked her hand around the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss.  We made out between our men while they watched and stroked us both.

“Lets find a room” The Guy said.

We went to a big round bed next door and lay our towels down.  Both of us women lay back on the bed side by side and started to kiss.  The Guy pushed my knickers to one side and began stroking me.

“Oh so lovely and wet” He remarked, fingering me deeply and expertly.  It felt great and I thought if he kept it up I might end up squirting all over him. After a few minutes The Guy removed my panties and moved around the bed so he could stand beside me and have his cock sucked while he fingered me and watched The Fisherman having his cock sucked by The Woman.  The Guy had a really nice dick.  It was big and long, not skinny but not as girthy as The Fisherman. But it was a pretty great dick.

I couldn’t see past The Fisherman but I could hear the voices of our audience in the doorway.  It is hard to take in everything in that environment when so much is happening all around you and you are lost in pleasure.

Both men reached for condoms at the same time and I turned on to my stomach so I could return to kissing and fondling The Woman.  We were kissing passionately when both men started fucking us; The Guy slid into me from behind and The Fisherman was in the missionary position on The Woman.  We could all watch each other and it was hot as hell.

It wasn’t long before The Guy came loudly before bending down to kiss my ass cheek, then he leant into my ear to tell me I was “magnificent” and kiss me sensually. I returned to kiss The Woman and realised The Fisherman had come too.

The Woman and I smiled at each other and laughed that we had two very happy boys.

The Fisherman was now licking her pussy.  I watched his bald head between her legs and sucked on her nipple, wondering if she would come for us.  She made some quiet moans then thanked The Fisherman and kissed me again.

It was apparent this encounter was now over and we all got up and put our few clothes back on.  They asked us if we had been there before and told us they were there almost every week, and said they hoped to see us again sometime.

“What was that stuff?”  The Fisherman asked The Woman.

”Oh that was amyl.  They sell it in sex shops” She told him.

My eyes went wide.  The Fisherman was very straight and we had talked before about how he was not interested in drugs of any kind.  It seems while I had been otherwise occupied, she had taken a sniff in front of him then proffered it under his nose and he blindly took a sniff.

We went back the bar to get some water when I asked him about it.

“What was that stuff she had me sniff?” He asked me.

“That was amyl nitrate. It gives you a very brief relaxing high and wears off after about a minute.  Did you feel anything?” I laughed.

“No.  It just smelled bad.”

The Fisherman had a bit of a cold and I imagine he hadn’t inhaled very hard, so I doubt it had any effect on him, but I was amused and he was a bit shocked that he had unwittingly taken a drug.

We sat and had some water and watched the other couples, who by now had loosened up considerably, dancing naked but for their towels on the dance floor.

“What would you like to do now?” I asked.

“I want to go home and ravish you.” The Fisherman smiled.

We got dressed and left, walking past The Guy and The Woman who asked us why we were leaving so soon.  It was tempting to stay and see what else might happen, but I was also incredibly turned on and wanted to feel The Fisherman’s expert touch as soon as possible. I hadn’t come during our play session and I wanted to save that for The Fisherman at home.

In part two…the seamy aftermath.

7 thoughts on “148. The Fisherman and the sex club – part 1

  1. Ahhhh Amyl Nitrate! I know it well. Safe to say I’ve never partook in it, but I know it’s causes & effects on the sensual frame of mind. Those in the sex world of Las Vegas (be them SD/SB, escorts, or just the sensual partying type) knows it. I’ve seen it in a great many adult shops there. Never had anyone to try it with. But like you said, I hear it doesn’t last long.

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