142. The Captain returns…continued

I expected to hear from The Captain all day on Monday, and my girlfriends checked in all day long to find out if he had called. He did not. On Tuesday I had enough waiting and took control, sending him a message. “Hi there.  Do you have some time to chat today?" “Sorry busy atm…I’ll…Read more 142. The Captain returns…continued

123. The Swinger’s Site

The morning after The Mystery Man, I sat and wrote my blog about it. I have been thinking that the casual sex with 30 year olds is probably not the path I want to take again. I want the passion and excitement of The Toolman with somebody who loves me. But I need a man…Read more 123. The Swinger’s Site

121 – The Mystery Man – part 2

I snap chatted to the Seeking Arrangement Guy for days.  While he kept the chat going he did so slowly, revealing little about himself, in increasing increments.  He kept inviting me over to his place, which I wasn’t feeling reckless enough to do.  However I was getting ready to take the plunge and meet him for…Read more 121 – The Mystery Man – part 2

115. Woah..backslide!

Well that was weird.  I decided to splurge on a massage and facial this morning, as I had awoken with a bit of a sore neck.  I booked into the Resort’s fancy day spa and lay on the table, naked but for the terrible disposable underwear that is required. As the massage began I became…Read more 115. Woah..backslide!

96. The Toolman is tired.

It had been a horrible week at work for both The Toolman and I.  We were tired and missing each other, not to mention sexually frustrated.  We had managed to meet for a drink during the week and talked about our progress on the swinging site, before The Toolman walked me to my car where we had…Read more 96. The Toolman is tired.