True stories from my dating app life: my journey from Vanilla to The Other Side

About my blog.

This blog began as a journal where I started dissecting my experiences on various dating apps and trying to make sense of the encounters I had.  I feel we cross paths with people for some reason, whether it be for them to teach us something or the reverse.  During a period of great transition and self examination in my life I needed to get it all out to be at peace and grow, and learn the lessons I was being provided.

As I discussed my dating life with my friends it became clear that most women my age (mid-40s) didn’t know what it was like to be meeting people this way and people were interested in my stories.

So my journal has become this blog which I hope will help other women in this situation, and perhaps entertain as well.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

I encourage you to read the posts in order as the journey is unfolding in increasingly strange ways.

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All names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.