101. The Toolman gives me a massage

Well, beloved Readers, I am back.  It has been a hell of a few weeks of turmoil and heartache with The Toolman.  There is much to tell you but first we have to go back to where I left off.

The Brunette and I had been trying to arrange a dinner date and one set of plans had fallen through when she called me on Friday afternoon to see if I was free. Why not, I thought, I love being spontaneous. She told me The Redhead wanted to come along this time so I told her that was fine with me and that I would ask The Toolman if he could join us too.

“Oooh yes!” The Brunette exclaimed. “I would love for him to come too. I am dying to meet this guy I’ve read and heard so much about.”

I called The Toolman to invite him but he was stuck at work a few hours away. By the time he came home, changed and made his way to the city it would be too late.

“I bet they invite you back to their place.” He teased.

“No, they won’t.” I laughed. I had already told The Brunette that I was happy for The Redhead to join us at the restaurant but I wouldn’t be coming back to their place afterwards. She hadn’t reacted to my statement, and she may not have even considered it, but for the sake of peace with The Toolman I had made my intentions clear.

“I bet you a massage they invite you home”. The Toolman persisted.

“I assure you they won’t, but I will take that bet Mister!” I responded, supremely confident I was going to win.

After work I drove to the restaurant where I saw The Redhead at the bar. I said hello and he motioned to the table where The Brunette was sitting. I hugged The Redhead before sitting down next to The Brunette and giving her a kiss on the cheek and a hug. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, lots of laughs and plenty of saucy conversation about our sex lives and desires. From time to time The Redhead looked a little bored or uncomfortable and The Brunette kept telling him to snap out of his mood. Perhaps we weren’t including him in the conversation enough, perhaps he didn’t like the two of us teaming up to tease him, or perhaps his girlfriend and I were getting a little too friendly for his liking.

After dinner we said our goodbyes and I told them I had just won a bet. They laughed and I told them what the bet with The Toolman was about.

“If I had of known I would have asked you back just so The Toolman could win!” The Brunette laughed.

I called The Toolman on my way home in the car and told him he owed me a massage.

“I don’t believe you!” He complained.

I assured him I won fair and square and I was looking forward to collecting my reward.

The next day he arrived and I could tell he wanted me desperately, the moment he walked in the door. The look in his eyes was excited and frantic and he joined me on the couch where he immediately began kissing me and removing my clothes. He took my hands and told me to lay across my footstool, which I did but then fell ungracefully onto the cold floor.

I gasped as the cold hit my naked back and The Toolman lay on top of me. He entered me unceremoniously and fucked me in an animalistic way. After a few brief moments he stood up and took my hands to help me to my knees. I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. He put his hands in my hair.

“You can do better than that.” He growled and pushed my head forward so I choked on his cock.

Unable to breathe I began to panic, and the tears sprang to my eyes as I gagged and pushed on his thighs to get him away from me.

“Ouch!” The Toolman stood back, holding his cock. “You bit me!”

I hadn’t bitten him. His cock was so far down my throat, the head had caught behind my back molar. When he removed it, the head snagged on the sharp edge. But next time he tried that I might just bite it off.

The Toolman pulled me to my feet and to the kitchen. He hoisted me up on the kitchen bench and fucked me again. After a few moments he placed me gently back on my feet and I asked for my massage.

We went to the bedroom and I stripped and lay down. The Toolman went to my drawer for the massage oil and with it, drew out a blindfold. I protested as he went to put it on me but went along with it.

By now I was seething about him choking me with his cock. He had arrived in such a desperate mood and I didn’t appreciate the rough treatment, but I was also ashamed and mad at myself for not protesting it.

I lay on the bed with the blindfold on. I was face down and my head was over the edge of the bed to allow him to access my neck and shoulders easily. The Toolman warmed the oil in his hands and kneaded my body gently. He straddled my thighs and pushed my ass-cheeks apart so he could push his cock into my pussy while he massaged me.

I was fuming. This massage wasn’t about me. He wasn’t focused on pleasuring me; he was getting his dick wet. I lay there getting angrier and thinking about telling him to leave, when he told me to roll onto my back.

The Toolman massaged my thighs, working his way down to my feet and back up again. He lay on the bed next to me, slipped his arm under my head and pulled me close to him. His other hand went between my legs and massaged my pussy all over, rubbing, teasing, caressing every inch. The sensory deprivation of the blindfold was intensifying every touch and The Toolman brought me to a huge orgasm, kissing me feverishly, muffling my cries.

Under the blindfold I began to cry. I couldn’t help it. My fury at him had been released with all the other emotions I was feeling in this intense orgasm, and my emotional reaction was huge. The Toolman rolled on top of me and as we fucked, he slowly removed the blindfold. The light was blindingly bright so I squeezed my eyes closed tight and the tears rolled down my face. I hoped he would just see them as a reaction to the light.

The Toolman moved me back onto my stomach and he lay on top of me, fucking me gently from behind. After a while he wrapped his arms around me tightly and took me with him as he rolled over on to his side. His cock stayed inside me during the whole manoeuvre and it was kind of impressive. His arms held me close as he continued to thrust into me, his hot breath panting on the back of my neck.

We move from position to position for a few hours until we were both exhausted.

“If you keep making me come like that, you won’t ever get rid of me.” I purred in his arms.

So confusing. But I can’t say The Toolman is dull.




4 thoughts on “101. The Toolman gives me a massage

  1. Shame you never told me that. And the massage was about you i spent much time on your back and legs. Anyway your view and story far different from what I remember.

  2. Toolman….. what I don’t understand is how you would EVER think that’s OKAY? Also, how did you not see her emotions visibly on her face? She also told you “don’t do that!” After you did it. You didn’t let up once she began choking. You gave ZERO after care to her.

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