100. Trouble in paradise

Beloved Readers, I won’t be posting as usual this week. 

The Toolman and I are at a crossroads in our journey and at present we aren’t communicating. 

One of his concerns at the moment is this very blog. Since I first told him about it The Toolman has encouraged me to write and has, surprisingly to me, enjoyed reading it. I never thought any man would be able to handle the jealousy this blog was sure to inspire. 

I have appreciated how well he has handled it for all these months. 

I have written plenty of content and will continue to write for myself, especially as I sort through my feelings about The Toolman so I expect I will be back when things are worked out one way or the other with The Toolman. 

I have offered to cease publishing the blog. I would do this for any man who was serious about a relationship with me. 

The Toolman is the last lover I will ever tell about it. 

The Toolman has told me it is too painful for him to read my blog so he won’t look at it anymore. 

I understand. 

I couldn’t bear to read the graphic details of his past conquests either. 

Right now, I just want The Toolman to have a little space to work out what he wants. I know what I want, and with each passing moment it is becoming clearer. 

3 thoughts on “100. Trouble in paradise

  1. Don’t bend over for them. This blog is about YOU and YOUR LIFE, YOUR EXPERIENCES, YOUR FEELINGS. They are incidental blog fodder. Don’t let THEM make you make it about THEM. This is what they ALWAYS DO. They take women’s experiences and feelings and POLICE them and twist them. They EXCEL at this. Fight it, WRITE it, and FUCK THEM and their manipulative man-feels.
    All the best xox

  2. Can be confronting and uncomfortable hearing all the sordid details of a partners’ previous trysts…. but we’re all adults here. Surely someone with an ounce of maturity could set aside their petty jealousies and use it as a valuable learning experience?
    ….And maybe not make the mistake of deep-throating without consent or warning! FFS :-0

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