120. The Chef’s final installment

Promptly after I sent The Chef my text, he responded. "Hey. First off let me apologize for just dropping off the face of the earth. Has been a pretty strange year. Have spent some time back home as dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year and has gone through treatment and we are waiting…Read more 120. The Chef’s final installment

119. So what do I want?

I showed Mika my dating profile recently and she confirmed my concern that it was a little confusing.  I am so unsure of what I want to find, and my profile reflected that.  The photos are attractive (and I am still a little uncomfortable that all the pictures were all either taken by or for…Read more 119. So what do I want?

118. A little self examination

My week has been full of social engagements, as is normal at this time of year, and I have been putting the word out amongst my friends that the time has come to find a new job.  Many of my friends are ex-work colleagues who know my value and can’t believe the nonsense I am…Read more 118. A little self examination

115. Daydream or nightmare?

As I waited for my flight to depart I got a message from The Boy Next Door.  For some reason he was telling me all about his new 50 year old divorced neighbour who just moved in and he had fucked on the first day he met her. That Boy has never heard the phrase…Read more 115. Daydream or nightmare?

108. The Lessons

Its been a mere week since my last contact with The Toolman.  While there is part of me that still fantasises about him growing the balls required to mend fences with me, I have to get some perspective. I decided this week to delete my dating apps again. Every time a guy sent me a message…Read more 108. The Lessons

105. My world explodes

Over the following days, The Toolman and I sent a few “good morning” and "good night" texts, but it didn’t feel the same.  We had lost this habit during the last three weeks and it felt forced and disingenuous. During that week I checked his activity on the couples website and it made me mad…Read more 105. My world explodes

104. Torture

The day after I proposed a new relationship paradigm to The Toolman, I sent him a message. He didn’t open it all day and when he did, he didn’t respond. I returned to work on Monday morning and told my friend Mika what happened. As I stood in the staff kitchen with her I began…Read more 104. Torture

98. Lunch with The Toolman and The Swingers

We had been talking to a couple for a few months on the swingers website and finally decided to move forward with a meeting. They insisted on a drinks date before any kind of hook up in order to establish if the flirty chemistry of our chats would translate to real life. We arranged a…Read more 98. Lunch with The Toolman and The Swingers

95. The Brunette, The Lawyer and The Pilot

The Brunette sent me a text on my birthday inviting me for a drink to celebrate.  I had responded immediately with some suggestions for times and dates, but heard no more from her. Kids these days, I tells ya. I didn’t really hold it against her.  It was strange we were friends at all, but…Read more 95. The Brunette, The Lawyer and The Pilot

94. The Toolman likes to read

It has been a rough two weeks since I last saw The Toolman.  We were getting short and snappy with each other on our texts and it wasn’t fun. “Here is what I think.” I wrote him in a text from my desk at work,  “I think we are both stressed and busy at work.  I…Read more 94. The Toolman likes to read