138. Conversations with chuckleheads

So here we go again.  I decided to sign up to the swingers site I had used to meet The Captain, and after a thorough and fruitless search for both him and The Toolman, I created my profile. I have a suspicion that The Captain already had someone else lined up when we split, or…Read more 138. Conversations with chuckleheads

123. The Swinger’s Site

The morning after The Mystery Man, I sat and wrote my blog about it. I have been thinking that the casual sex with 30 year olds is probably not the path I want to take again. I want the passion and excitement of The Toolman with somebody who loves me. But I need a man…Read more 123. The Swinger’s Site

121 – The Mystery Man – part 2

I snap chatted to the Seeking Arrangement Guy for days.  While he kept the chat going he did so slowly, revealing little about himself, in increasing increments.  He kept inviting me over to his place, which I wasn’t feeling reckless enough to do.  However I was getting ready to take the plunge and meet him for…Read more 121 – The Mystery Man – part 2

120. The Chef’s final installment

Promptly after I sent The Chef my text, he responded. "Hey. First off let me apologize for just dropping off the face of the earth. Has been a pretty strange year. Have spent some time back home as dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year and has gone through treatment and we are waiting…Read more 120. The Chef’s final installment

119. So what do I want?

I showed Mika my dating profile recently and she confirmed my concern that it was a little confusing.  I am so unsure of what I want to find, and my profile reflected that.  The photos are attractive (and I am still a little uncomfortable that all the pictures were all either taken by or for…Read more 119. So what do I want?

118. A little self examination

My week has been full of social engagements, as is normal at this time of year, and I have been putting the word out amongst my friends that the time has come to find a new job.  Many of my friends are ex-work colleagues who know my value and can’t believe the nonsense I am…Read more 118. A little self examination

117. Evolution must come..soon!

Following TheBloggingSD’s comments on my last post, we began an email dialogue about the world of Sugar Dating.  I downloaded the app and set up a skeleton profile just to dip my toe into that world and test the temperature of the water. It wasn’t long before the sharks began to circle.  Even without a…Read more 117. Evolution must come..soon!

108. The Lessons

Its been a mere week since my last contact with The Toolman.  While there is part of me that still fantasises about him growing the balls required to mend fences with me, I have to get some perspective. I decided this week to delete my dating apps again. Every time a guy sent me a message…Read more 108. The Lessons

85. The Blog Dilemma

Now that I am seeing The Toolman exclusively, I don’t have as much to write about, Beloved Reader. And as The Toolman is my most voracious reader, I am aware that what I write may upset him. I want to keep writing but struggle with this dilemma.  Can I write honestly about a relationship I…Read more 85. The Blog Dilemma

79. The conversation with The Toolman

Enough was enough.  I had to know where I stood and how things were going to be.  I had my three options: Say goodbye forever Continue as Fuck Buddies with no contact other than texts to plan our hook ups. Get to know the Toolman and see what these feelings meant. I wasn’t enjoying my…Read more 79. The conversation with The Toolman