128. The Mauritian (part 2)

The Mauritian and I had made tentative plans to catch up over the weekend following our first, quite successful, date. Tentative as in; “Are you free next Saturday?” “Yes.” “We should catch up.  Lets talk during the week.” Translation: “I think you are a nice person and quite fuck-worthy” “Thanks, me too.” “Well if I…Read more 128. The Mauritian (part 2)

127. Superman (47)

He was one of the first guys who messaged me on the Swingers Site. We talked easily and I found myself smiling whenever we chatting on text. He was a separated father of four grown kids who lived about thirty minutes away.  We discovered many things about each other and I was enjoying an adult conversation…Read more 127. Superman (47)

124. The Gentleman (41)

We chatted constantly in the two days before our dinner date.  The Gentleman discussed the FLR paradigm at length, discussing various aspects and checking in with me about how I felt about it. I didn’t know how I felt about it.  I liked the idea of his assured fidelity and my freedom to have other…Read more 124. The Gentleman (41)

123. The Swinger’s Site

The morning after The Mystery Man, I sat and wrote my blog about it. I have been thinking that the casual sex with 30 year olds is probably not the path I want to take again. I want the passion and excitement of The Toolman with somebody who loves me. But I need a man…Read more 123. The Swinger’s Site

122. The Naked Cleaner – epilogue.

So you may have seen my Twitter on 2 January 2018, where I told you about The Naked Cleaner popping up out of nowhere to send me a porno picture of himself.  At midnight on NYE he sent me a picture of himself.  It was a back-to-the-mirror selfie.  He was naked except for fishnet tights…Read more 122. The Naked Cleaner – epilogue.

121 – The Mystery Man – part 2

I snap chatted to the Seeking Arrangement Guy for days.  While he kept the chat going he did so slowly, revealing little about himself, in increasing increments.  He kept inviting me over to his place, which I wasn’t feeling reckless enough to do.  However I was getting ready to take the plunge and meet him for…Read more 121 – The Mystery Man – part 2

119. So what do I want?

I showed Mika my dating profile recently and she confirmed my concern that it was a little confusing.  I am so unsure of what I want to find, and my profile reflected that.  The photos are attractive (and I am still a little uncomfortable that all the pictures were all either taken by or for…Read more 119. So what do I want?

114. What the very fuck?

I went to work Monday with a spring in my step, knowing I only had to get through a few days before I was on vacation and jetting off to my island getaway.  I mentally started planning my days off; shopping for travel stuff, how I would enjoy my quiet time on the flight, what…Read more 114. What the very fuck?

112. The Boy Next Door – part 3

I got through the weekend, barely, and anxiously headed back to work on Monday.  While I was feeling well rested and a little better emotionally, I was miles behind with my work. The busy day flew by and before I knew it I was at home. “Hey.  How are you feeling?” The Boy Next door…Read more 112. The Boy Next Door – part 3

109. Six weeks later

I’ve been in turmoil this week.  Torn between trying to talk to The Toolman or moving on by fucking The Boy Next Door.  And my mind is constantly vacillating between the good and the bad of The Toolman. I would warmly remember his eyes and the way he smiled at me, then remember how he would…Read more 109. Six weeks later