121 – The Mystery Man – part 2

I snap chatted to the Seeking Arrangement Guy for days.  While he kept the chat going he did so slowly, revealing little about himself, in increasing increments.  He kept inviting me over to his place, which I wasn’t feeling reckless enough to do.  However I was getting ready to take the plunge and meet him for…Read more 121 – The Mystery Man – part 2

118. A little self examination

My week has been full of social engagements, as is normal at this time of year, and I have been putting the word out amongst my friends that the time has come to find a new job.  Many of my friends are ex-work colleagues who know my value and can’t believe the nonsense I am…Read more 118. A little self examination

116. Unamusing musings

I returned to work with a relaxed and refocussed attitude.  Being an unambitious person when it comes to the high-flying world of barely rewarding office work, I decided to focus on saving wisely for my next vacation and to smile at all the two-faced brown nosers around me. I’ve had two very vivid dreams about The…Read more 116. Unamusing musings

115. Woah..backslide!

Well that was weird.  I decided to splurge on a massage and facial this morning, as I had awoken with a bit of a sore neck.  I booked into the Resort’s fancy day spa and lay on the table, naked but for the terrible disposable underwear that is required. As the massage began I became…Read more 115. Woah..backslide!

115. Daydream or nightmare?

As I waited for my flight to depart I got a message from The Boy Next Door.  For some reason he was telling me all about his new 50 year old divorced neighbour who just moved in and he had fucked on the first day he met her. That Boy has never heard the phrase…Read more 115. Daydream or nightmare?

102. The phone call that changed everything

I had arranged to have Monday off work and told The Toolman a few weeks in advance so he would have the opportunity to take the day off and spend it with me if he wanted to. He considered it when I told him and said he would see what he could do. I hadn’t…Read more 102. The phone call that changed everything