146. The Toolman rises from the dead

So I saw this profile on Tinder.  The name was right, the age was a couple of years younger than the truth and there were no face pictures, just a picture of a guy in a panda suit.  It was not the kind of profile I would ever match with, but the bio sure sounded familiar:…Read more 146. The Toolman rises from the dead

142. The Captain returns…continued

I expected to hear from The Captain all day on Monday, and my girlfriends checked in all day long to find out if he had called. He did not. On Tuesday I had enough waiting and took control, sending him a message. “Hi there.  Do you have some time to chat today?" “Sorry busy atm…I’ll…Read more 142. The Captain returns…continued

141. The Fisherman – part 2

After I finished writing the last blog post, I went to a daytime party/bbq where I socialised like a proper sparkly butterfly, smiling to myself thinking about The Captain and what might be. I left at about five o’clock and when I got home, sent The Captain a text asking how his day had been.  An…Read more 141. The Fisherman – part 2

122. The Naked Cleaner – epilogue.

So you may have seen my Twitter on 2 January 2018, where I told you about The Naked Cleaner popping up out of nowhere to send me a porno picture of himself.  At midnight on NYE he sent me a picture of himself.  It was a back-to-the-mirror selfie.  He was naked except for fishnet tights…Read more 122. The Naked Cleaner – epilogue.

121 – The Mystery Man – part 2

I snap chatted to the Seeking Arrangement Guy for days.  While he kept the chat going he did so slowly, revealing little about himself, in increasing increments.  He kept inviting me over to his place, which I wasn’t feeling reckless enough to do.  However I was getting ready to take the plunge and meet him for…Read more 121 – The Mystery Man – part 2

108. The Lessons

Its been a mere week since my last contact with The Toolman.  While there is part of me that still fantasises about him growing the balls required to mend fences with me, I have to get some perspective. I decided this week to delete my dating apps again. Every time a guy sent me a message…Read more 108. The Lessons

92. Saturdays with The Toolman

I was lying in bed on Saturday morning talking on the phone, waiting for The Toolman to message me that he was on his way. I hung up the call and checked my screen. Nothing. Hmm. I sent him a message asking what time he was coming over and then his picture flashed up on…Read more 92. Saturdays with The Toolman

87. The Toolman and Date Day

Before our trip to the park, The Toolman and I had planned to spend the day together when I returned from my trip. I had missed him while I was away and while the trip to the park had been amazing fun, it was only an hour and I needed more time to enjoy him.As…Read more 87. The Toolman and Date Day

85. The Blog Dilemma

Now that I am seeing The Toolman exclusively, I don’t have as much to write about, Beloved Reader. And as The Toolman is my most voracious reader, I am aware that what I write may upset him. I want to keep writing but struggle with this dilemma.  Can I write honestly about a relationship I…Read more 85. The Blog Dilemma

79. The conversation with The Toolman

Enough was enough.  I had to know where I stood and how things were going to be.  I had my three options: Say goodbye forever Continue as Fuck Buddies with no contact other than texts to plan our hook ups. Get to know the Toolman and see what these feelings meant. I wasn’t enjoying my…Read more 79. The conversation with The Toolman