114. What the very fuck?

I went to work Monday with a spring in my step, knowing I only had to get through a few days before I was on vacation and jetting off to my island getaway.  I mentally started planning my days off; shopping for travel stuff, how I would enjoy my quiet time on the flight, what…Read more 114. What the very fuck?

87. The Toolman and Date Day

Before our trip to the park, The Toolman and I had planned to spend the day together when I returned from my trip. I had missed him while I was away and while the trip to the park had been amazing fun, it was only an hour and I needed more time to enjoy him.As…Read more 87. The Toolman and Date Day

60. The Toolman – part 7

A few days after our trip to the sex club The Toolman came to see me again. I left the door open for him and when he entered he kissed me and said he needed a shower. I took him to the bed and pushed him down kissing him deeply. “You smell fine to me.”…Read more 60. The Toolman – part 7

57. The Toolman -part 6

It had been almost three weeks since I saw The Toolman but we had spent a lot of time texting and discussing our plans for a foursome. During this time I had toyed with the idea of allowing him to dominate me. He knew it was not my preferred role, but I was growing to…Read more 57. The Toolman -part 6

55. The Sweet Boy – part 2

A week after his first visit, The Sweet Boy returned. He kissed me gently when I let him in the front door and I offered him some wine. We talked about work and our upcoming weekend plans before I kissed him softly and asked if he felt like giving me a massage. He nodded yes…Read more 55. The Sweet Boy – part 2

30. The Bio Experiment 

So following a string of very disappointing hook ups where my physical needs had been ignored and my very simple emotional ones had been shredded, I had lunch with Melody. "These jerks are complete losers.  Why do you give them a minute of your time?" "Because they are the ones who ask" I replied, knowing how…Read more 30. The Bio Experiment 

29. The Feminist Twist – part 2 

I had lunch with a girlfriend today who I haven’t seen since my app adventures began, so gave her the abridged version of the highlights thus far and described how my recent interest in modern, radical feminism was colouring my view of these interactions. I feel like my view of men is changing forever. The…Read more 29. The Feminist Twist – part 2 

28. The Carpenter  (28) 

It was about 9pm on Monday night and I was feeling jaded after The Flasher ghosted me when I got a new message.  I had matched with The Carpenter a month prior and while he was definitely attractive he was a little baby-faced for my tastes, so I hadn't messaged him yet. He told me…Read more 28. The Carpenter  (28) 

27. The Bratty Boy (31) 

He seemed tall dark and handsome in his pictures, and when we started chatting he told me all about his expat life and job in finance.  He had recently returned from almost a decade living and working in China, and I thought “finally an interesting guy whose company I might enjoy”. We talked for a…Read more 27. The Bratty Boy (31)