153. The Fisherman helps.

I had been home from hospital for almost a week and, while not yet physically healed, I felt pretty good.  I was keen to return to work and real life, conscious of how much I was missing out on.

The Fisherman had checked on me a couple of times and let me know he had some time off during the week and would like to see me.  I warned him I was still nursing some bruises and my arm was bandaged so he would have to be gentle with me, but if he could handle that I would very much like him to visit.

The long distance sexual frustration of The Soulmate, my near death experience, and simply the fact that I had not had any actual physical contact since I last saw The Fisherman at the end of July, all added up to some serious horniness.

The entire time I was involved with The Soulmate, I had hoped The Fisherman would not message me.  I didn’t want to confront ending our arrangement until I knew for sure what my future with The Soulmate was going to be. I didn’t want to hurt The Fisherman but I knew I would let him go without a second thought for the intense love I felt for The Soulmate.  While The Fisherman and I have great sexual compatibility, we did not have anything like the same electric, magic love feelings I shared with The Soulmate.

What I didn’t know was, The Fisherman was going through a hard time of his own.  He confided that his shift work was catching up with his mental health and he spent August and September living reclusively and not feeling great.  But now he had come out the other side and joked he knew he was feeling better because he wanted to have sex again.

We tantalised each other via text the night before, and by the time he arrived on my doorstep it was all I could do to not fuck him on the welcome mat.

I answered the door in bare feet, soft loose pants and a tight white tank top without a bra underneath.  My nipples were at attention, and caught his eye immediately.

The Fisherman stepped through the door and took me in his arms. We kissed deeply, my arms around his neck and his around my waist.  We were both so hungry for kisses and physical contact neither of us could stop.  After a few minutes we took a breath and moved to the couch to talk and cuddle.  The Fisherman and I both enjoy the lead up to sex; the flirty chat, casual touching, lingering kisses and sweet smiles.  And we had both missed it so much.

We sat and talked a while.  He listened to my hospital story and asked me caring questions before stroking the side of my face and kissing me gently.  He tucked my hair behind my ear carefully then his hand drifted down my neck, across my chest and came to rest on my nipple, which he rubbed gently with his thumb.

We stayed on the sofa for at least thirty minutes, kissing, talking and touching.  Both of us were hungry not just for sex but also care and intimacy.  We both needed this endorphin rush and each time he kissed me I moaned deeply, sighing with longing for more.

Soon I took his hand and stood up, leading him to the bedroom.  I sat on the edge of the bed in front of him and undressed him, my face looking up at his as he bent over to kiss me.  I freed his hard cock and took the tip in my mouth while my fingertips teased his shaft and balls.

“Oh God” He moaned.  He could only take it for a minute before he pushed me back on the bed, climbed on top and started to grind on my still-clothed body, kissing me passionately.  He sat up to pull down my pants and underwear, casting them aside and kissing down my stomach to the top of my pussy.  His tongue flicked at my clit for a moment before he returned to kiss my face, removing my tank top on the way.

I lay back and wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling him in close but he wasn’t going to let the anticipation end that soon.  He manoeuvred his magic wand of a cock around the entrance to my throbbing wet pussy, resisting the urge and my pleas to thrust it in. Teasing me was making me even wetter and I didn’t think I could take it, but I didn’t want it to end either.

I moaned with desire as The Fisherman made his way down to my dripping pussy and put his warm mouth and tongue on me.  We both knew he couldn’t do that for too long in my current state, otherwise I would orgasm immediately, so he pleasured me for just a moment before rolling on to his back and smiling at me.

Moving down to crouch between his thighs, I took his rock hard cock in my mouth and let my tongue explore every inch, my fingers ticking and stroking his balls and gripping his shaft, looking up at him with a smile.

“Oh God, I missed that.” The Fisherman groaned, his eyes rolling back in his head.

I kissed my way up his body to his mouth.

“I need you inside me.” I purred.

The Fisherman smiled so I lay back on the bed and spread my legs.  He gently positioned himself on top and slowly, blissfully pushed his cock into me.  Stars exploded before my eyes and the pleasure made me gasp.  He moved in and out of me so slowly and deliberately, watching my face and kissing me as I moaned and begged breathlessly for more. The Fisherman observed all my expressions and noises intently, getting off on the pleasure he was providing, seemingly intrigued by my body’s response to his.

The Fisherman and I have discussed having a threesome with another man many times, and it is a fantasy we both want very much.  As our bodies rocked together, we talked dirty about how that fantasy would play out.

“I want to watch his cock thrusting in and out of you and hear you moan as he fucks you.”

“I want you to kiss me while he goes down on my pussy.”

“Get up close and lick my clit while he fucks me, his cock right next to your face.”

As we talked through the fantasy, we both got more turned on. I imagined lying between two men, kissing each in turn, having four hands and two mouths all over my body.  Before long I could feel the waves of orgasm building and a long, rolling explosion rocked my body.

The Fisherman didn’t stop and I didn’t want him to.  He slowed his thrusts and kissed me while I got my breath back.  I kept my legs wrapped around his waist and was ready to encourage him to release his own orgasm, when he sat up and came to stand next to the bed by my head.

My hand wrapped around his hip to his ass and pulled him closer so I could take his cock in my mouth.  He smothered his fingers in lube and began to tease my still throbbing clit.  As the pleasure rose in me again, I greedily sucked on his cock, squeezing his ass cheek and trying to take him in deeper and deeper. I shuddered and my moans vibrated on his cock as I came once more.

“I need to come Baby.” The Fisherman told me, returning to his missionary position and pushing himself in once more.

After a few more minutes of controlled thrusting he let loose and exploded with a mighty shudder and guttural growl.

We lay together kissing and holding each other, content, sated and warm in the afternoon sunshine streaming through my window.

Fuck.  We both needed that.

PS:  Thank you for all your lovely messages.  Its been a really hard few weeks and receiving your caring words have truly helped.

On the day of his scheduled surgery, I sent The Soulmate a message from my personal Twitter account which he did not know about so had not blocked:

I understand what you are going through.

Emotional, mental and physical pain all at once is too much for one person to handle. Even the strongest person can’t do it.

I have been there too. It’s too much.

Because I understand this, I also know you aren’t being your normal self.

The Soulmate I fell in love with is kind, considerate, loving, giving and bright. He could picture our future, the happiness, sunshine and light ahead. And his faith never wavered.

This man is just trying to get through each moment of darkness, fear and pain. And these trials make you lash out and push those who love you away.

I have faith my real Soulmate will return in time.

I want you to know I still care. I am still here for you. If I hadn’t been so very sick I could have been there for you the last few weeks too, but I was also scared and in pain.

My love doesn’t just stop. I still love the real Soulmate and want you to know that. The very thought of him makes me smile.

I’m praying your surgery goes well and hope you can trust it will all be okay.

And I remain here for you.

A few days went by.  No response.  Then he blocked me.

This was not a surprise.  I never expected a response. I just wanted to be kind to him.

Maybe he doesn’t deserve my kindness, maybe he lied to me the whole time and has moved on to a new Twitter crush because maybe that is his modus operandi.

I will never know, so I let it go.

But now I know what that electricity, acceptance and connection feels like.  Its the best feeling in the world and I will hold on to hope that it will be mine again someday.



2 thoughts on “153. The Fisherman helps.

  1. I just finished reading your blog completely and am very sad there’s not more. I’m also very sad that you didn’t find the person that could treat you the way you deserved to be.

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