144. The Fisherman – part 3

I opened the door to find The Fisherman smiling and holding a very nice bottle of wine.

“Hello Beautiful.”

I let him in without a word and snaked my fingers around the back of his neck and kissed him softly, stroking the back of his head with my long red fingernails.

“Hello Handsome.” I purred, taking the bottle from him.

I poured two glasses and sat close to him on the sofa.  We sipped the wine and made small talk between kisses, but we both knew we had more to say with our clothes off, rather than on.

We only got halfway through our glasses of wine before the sipping slowed and the kissing increased. The Fisherman ran his hands over my hair and down my back, enjoying the build up of tension and desire.

“Will you come to my bedroom with me?” I smiled at him.

“Of course I will.”

I took his hand and we stood at the end of my bed, kissing and caressing, touching affectionately and sensually.  I loved the way he got me so turned on by just kissing and stroking my body.  He knew there was no need to immediately grab my ass or my breasts, he took great pleasure in prolonging the anticipation, and he knew I loved it too.

The Fisherman raised my dress over my head and turned me around.  He pressed into me from behind as his lips and tongue wandered slowly down my neck, then back up to my earlobe, his hands slowly making their way around my waist and up my torso to lightly cup my breasts.  I pushed my ass back against his hard cock, the lace of my underwear grazing across the rough fabric of his jeans, as he unhooked my bra, tossing it aside to run his hands over my hard, aching nipples.

I turned around to kiss him and press my naked breasts against his chest.  I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.  As I fumbled with the button of his jeans, he bent down and slid my panties down, then stood back so I could lay back on the bed for him.

“You are so sexy.” He smiled at me as he stepped out of his jeans and climbed on the bed to lie on top of me.

I was already slick with desire and wanted his cock inside me so badly.  That magic wand felt so amazing and I was greedy for it.  As we kissed passionately, I pushed my hips up to meet his, wanting him to plunge right inside, but he wasn’t about to allow it.

“Be patient, sexy girl.”  He grinned and kissed me then stood back up, before burying his face between my thighs.


His lips kissed me gently, letting out a deep moan at the delicious taste he loved so much, his tongue flicking and darting, making me gasp.  I was going to come in seconds if he kept that up, so I begged him to kiss me.

The Fisherman obliged and in a moment he was on top of me, kissing me and teasing the outer lips of my pussy with the tip of his beautiful cock.

I pulled him in deep, languishing in the exquisite sensation of every inch of him sliding in and out. It was incredible, I was so turned on and I wanted it to last all night.

I told him to lie back while I knelt between his thighs, licking and sucking at his cock, made all the more delectable by the taste of me on him.  He stroked my hair back off my face so he could watch and I made sure to look up at him, smiling between each lick and watching the pleasure on his face as I slowly took all of him into my mouth.

“God, you are so gorgeous and sexy.” His eyes watched me intently, almost curiously, but with genuine affection and focus. “Is there anything special you would like to do tonight?”

I thought for a moment about everything we had done and if there was anything we hadn’t that I might like.

“We haven’t done a sixty nine.  Would you like to try that?” I asked.


Keeping my face level with his cock, I turned my body around and gently lifted my leg over to the other side of his shoulder and let him guide my hips down onto his lips.  I bent forward and put my weight on my elbows, wrapping my hands under his thighs and my lips over his slippery shaft.

The sensations danced around my mind as I tried to focus on his tongue flicking and lapping at me, and simultaneously my lips opened over the head of his cock and slowly worked their way up and down, my tongue swirling around the tip and along the length of him. I rocked back and forth, rubbing my body along his, my mouth bobbing up and down, my hips gyrating, my pussy dancing on his tongue.

It wasn’t long before the waves of warm release began to lick at my core and I knew I  couldn’t last much longer.  I moved off The Fisherman and turned around again, this time, throwing my leg over his hip and sitting on his cock.  I leaned in to kiss him deeply and he put his hands in my hair, sweeping it back of my face and gathering it in a bunch at the back of my head and pulling gently.

His other hand came up to the base of my neck where it meets my shoulder, and he pushed me down on to his cock over and over. It wasn’t a touch that evoked violence or choking, but rather control and subtle dominance.  And it was hot.

The Fisherman let go of my hair.

“Oh baby I am gonna come.  Grab my hair again?” I begged breathlessly.

The Fisherman obliged and I rode him faster and faster.  The restrictions he had placed on me were insanely hot and I could feel myself coming hard.  I growled from deep within myself as I came on his cock, grinding and thrusting, and all the while he watched me intently, my face contorting, eyes opening wide with the electricity of the sensations, mouth letting loose deep guttural pants and groans between lunging at his lips for deep, breathless kisses.

I rolled on to my back and he climbed on top.  I never wanted this feeling to end and  I pulled his cock deep inside so he could fuck me and fuck me and fuck me.

The Fisherman worked his way to a slow and satisfying climax in a few minutes and we lay pressed together, kissing and caressing for the longest time.

He ran his hands all over my body as we lay limbs entwined, kissing and smiling at each other like fools.

“We are really good at this.” He stated with a smile.

“Yeah we are.” I grinned, kissing him again and stroking the back of his head.

The Fisherman’s fingers danced down my side and pushed my hip back until I spread my legs for him again.  His fingertips danced across my still tingling pussy, rubbing the sticky juices around, caressing and stroking gently and to my surprise I began to feel that familiar heat once again.  The Fisherman took the nipple of my nearest breast into his mouth and sucked firmly as his fingers worked their magic.  Before I knew it I was writhing and moaning once more, shuddering in his embrace, kissing him feverishly.

The Fisherman positioned himself on top of me once more and his powerful cock took my breath away again.

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