143. The Married Man – part 6

It was late on a Thursday night.  The Fisherman was supposed to come and visit me  but he cancelled with me earlier that day as he was sick.  He was polite and apologetic and, regardless of whether it was true or not, I knew I would see him and his magic wand again.

I settled in to enjoy a night alone, but my phone was buzzing and chirping with alerts and messages from friends, as well as current and potential lovers.

The Boy Next Door was on a date, and we had joked that if it didn’t go well, as most of his recent dates had not, he would come and see me afterwards for some fun.  At 10pm he messaged me to say the date had gone quite well and he was going to ask the girl for another.  I was happy for him and we joked that both of us had enjoyed fun nights without sex.  We said our goodnights and I got into bed.

I was dozing off when I got a text from, of all people, The Married Man.

MM:  Just checking in. Long time between drinks. How is everything?
Me: Hey. I’m good thanks. Single..again..🙄. How are you?
MM:  In good spirits today.  Work tomorrow I assume?
Me: Yes. You?
MM: Yes work but I am probably gonna go in late.
Me: Where are you now?
MM:  Home.
Me: I thought you might be out 😉 (I usually hear from him when he is on his way home from a drunken night out and keen to make poor decisions.)
MM:  Was gonna ask about a late visit but probably getting too late ? Have not caught up in ages
Me: We are overdue for a catch-up.  How can you manage to get away now? I wish you messaged an hour ago!
MM:  Kids almost asleep. I’m on my own for 1 night, a rare occurrence.
Me: But you can’t leave the kids home alone!
MM: They are teenagers now, so yeah I can.
Me:  Seems risky though. I’m in bed and tempted… But half asleep and not showered
MM: Your point?
Me: So naughty You can really get away?
MM:  Yes, I can get there around 11:45
Me:  Then no. I will be fast asleep for sure ☹️ Let me know when the next opportunity arises. Catchya in six months 😂💋 Ya big tease 😋
MM:  Too hard. What about 1130? Maybe 11:15 at a stretch
Me: I know it’s hard. Timing is everything! I’m falling asleep now…doubt I will hear you turn up. Shame.
MM:  I could wake you up. If you got out of bed now. Put kettle on I’ll be there.
Me: Fuck it. Come on then. I will have a quick shower to wake up a bit
MM:  Leaving in 5

Despite some unsuccessful attempts he had made, I hadn’t seen him in almost two years and I was curious.  I showered and was back in bed for just a few minutes when the knock came at my door.

I opened it to find him in his t-shirt and jeans with no shoes on, and an anxious face.  I imagined him sneaking out of the house quietly, tiptoeing in bare feet so as to not wake his family.

The Married Man came in a looked me up and down in my soft sheath nightie which was clinging to every curve and clearly showed I was naked underneath.

“Hello Stranger, you’ve changed your hair.” He observed.

I laughed.

“I’m getting back in bed, are you coming?”

I walked past him and pushed the covers aside and lay on my left side watching him lie gingerly on the bed next to me.  The position I was in meant my right breast was barely covered any more and he couldn’t keep his eyes off it, as much as he tried.

He was attempting nervous small talk.

“This tattoo is new since I saw you last.” I said stroking his arm gently.

The Married Man told me about it, his eyes on my now bare breast.

“It would be nice to have a proper catch up but time is of the essence.” I pointed out, putting my hand behind his head and pulling him to me for a kiss.

He sighed heavily and kissed me passionately, his hands wandering down my side, over my ass then back up to my breasts.

“Oh God, I’ve missed these.” He groaned.

The Married Man buried his head between them, kissing and sucking, his left hand moving down between my thighs, and ran his fingers gently over my freshly showered pussy.

“Oh God, you are all wet.” He moaned.

The Married Man got up on his knees and leaned down to bury his face between my thighs.  He was awkwardly positioned with his butt in the air and his knees by my shoulder, but he found the right spot and began fingering me as he licked at my clit.

It felt great and I ran my hands over his jeans looking for his hardening cock but found nothing.  The Married Man isn’t very big, below average in fact, but I thought I would be able to find it!

I gave up any earnest looking and just felt around vaguely, while concentrating on the pleasure I was getting.  My moans and responsiveness were turning him on and he used his free hand to pull his jeans down and kick one leg free.

Guiding his right leg over my head, I found his little cock hanging there and took it into my mouth.  I was willing to bet this was the first 69 he had experienced in years.

The Married Man moaned and thrust, all the while licking and lapping away.  It felt good but I noticed his cock wasn’t really hardening.  I kept going and came to a quick, brief orgasm before pushing him off and making him lie on his back.

“You just lie there, I can get you hard.” I purred, moving seductively down his body before kneeling with his cock in front of my face.  I licked and sucked and looked up at him with a naughty smile on my face.  The Married Man lay back on my pillows moaning but not getting any harder.

I looked up, noticing his furrowed brow and realised he was too anxious and this might not happen, but I take great pride in my work so I kept going.  He got a little harder and when I moved down to lick at his balls, he took over jerking his shaft; most likely his daily go-to solution.

“Maybe I need to bathe in your juices to really get going.” He said.

I got up on my knees and he came around behind me and started to fuck me.  It actually felt pretty good and I thought we were on to something, but he only pumped for a minute before he stopped abruptly.

“I just can’t stay hard.”

“It is late, you must be tired.  You should have called earlier!” I smiled.

I watched him get dressed and I could see this wasn’t tiredness, it was guilt.  He had made another impulsive decision and midway through The Married Man realised he was being an asshole.

I moved to the door to let him out, and he barely made eye contact as he left with a casual “talk soon.”

Yeah, right.

I laughed as I closed the door and got back into bed.


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