141. The Fisherman – part 2

After I finished writing the last blog post, I went to a daytime party/bbq where I socialised like a proper sparkly butterfly, smiling to myself thinking about The Captain and what might be.

I left at about five o’clock and when I got home, sent The Captain a text asking how his day had been.  An hour later I got a response.

“Its been good.  At my brother’s having a drink. I will call you tomorrow.”

Huh.  Bit terse.

Its early days, I told myself.  You just spoke yesterday for the first time in months, take it slow.

The Fisherman had messaged me earlier in the afternoon asking how my day was, so I thought, “Fuck it, The Captain ain’t rushing over”.

We texted back and forth for a few minutes before he jumped in the shower to get ready for me.  An hour later he was at my door.

“Hey there,” I smiled as I held back the door for him to come in.  He got one foot in the door before I put my hand on the back of his neck, pulling him close for a long, lingering kiss.  His hands immediately wrapped around me, hugging me and running up and down my back, hips and ass.

I walked him slowly backwards into my bedroom, lips locked the entire time, tugging at each other’s clothes and in mere moments we were naked on the bed.  The kissing was sexy and slow, with flashes of urgency mixed in, our arousal beginning to soar.

The Fisherman’s penis is like a magic wand.  It is more than a mere extension of his body.  If he told me he could actually see out of it’s eye I would believe it.  The precision and control with which he uses it is something to behold.  He is slow and sensual, guiding his silky smooth, rock-hard cock in and out of me with a deliberate movement I’ve not been fortunate enough to experience very often.

At one point he sat up, reached for his jeans and a small tube of lube in the pocket. He flipped open the lid and, from shoulder height, drizzled a long lick of cool lube on my throbbing clit.

“Ooooh, thats cold!” I squeaked.  The Fisherman smiled at me and put the tube down as he touched the tip of his cock to my wet, tingling clit, and without the aid of his hands, massaged me expertly.

His cock brushed back and forth over my clit, down to my pussy and peeked inside before coming back out to repeat the exquisite motion.

Bravo, Mr Fisherman, bravo.

The Fisherman watched me intently, all the while kissing, fucking, licking and sucking all the fun parts of me.  He rolled me over and kissed my ass cheeks before working his tongue around my ass, poking inside and teasing.  He then thrust his magic wand inside my dripping pussy making me groan and gasp.

He took his lips and mouth and tongue to my pussy, licking and sucking gently, making me squirming gasp.  The pleasure was intense and I was on the edge of orgasm for what felt like an hour.

“Oh God!” I would moan.

The Fisherman would look up and me and move his mouth to my thighs, or move up to kiss me.

“I don’t want you to come yet.  You want to come don’t you?” He purred at me.

“Oh God yes, I want to come, but this feels amazing.”  The choice was impossible, my body was vibrating all over with pleasure, pressed up against the precipice of release and I wanted it to last.

After a couple of hours of this unbelievable sensation with The Fisherman in complete control of my pleasure, I could bear it no more.  I came hard, gasping at the intensity, writhing on the bed, pulling him closer so I could hold on as the waves smashed through me.  The Fisherman gave me just a second to feel the last of the waves before he thrust into me, measuredly pushing his cock into me; quivering, soaking wet and pulsating. He managed to position himself so his cock ran firmly over my clit as he fucked me and I thought I might die of pleasure.

It was so fucking fantastic and he came with a shudder and a moan, pulling his cock out as he came to watch his juices mix with mine on my plump pussy lips.

After some pillow talk and lots more kissing he had to go.  While he showered and dressed, I got up and put a simple shift dress on over my trembling, raw, somewhat sticky, naked body, and went to the kitchen to make him a coffee for the drive home.

As I stirred in the sugar, I felt his hands creep around my waist, pulling the dress up to expose my naked ass.  He pressed against my cheeks, and I could feel his hard cock straining in his jeans.  His hands wandered up under my dress to my breasts, teasing the nipples and caressing them from underneath.

Goddamn I love a bit of over and under the clothes action.

I turned and watched The Fisherman drink his coffee, kissing me between sips and caressing my nipples through the soft material of my dress.

“I feel bad just leaving like this.” He said sheepishly.

“Don’t feel bad at all, that was incredibly fun.”  I kissed him goodbye at the door and The Fisherman sailed off into the night.



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