139. The Fisherman (52)

After our brunch date, The Fisherman kept in regular contact, telling me he “just had to kiss me again”. I was less excited but keen to see if he lived up to his reviews.

Two nights later he arrived as scheduled on my doorstep with a bottle of good red wine in his hand, and gave me a gentle, sexy kiss hello.

My pulse was not set racing by his looks, but his face was friendly and kind with a wicked twinkle in his brown eyes.  He was warm and engaging, funny and playful and radiated a bright energy that enticed me.  We sat on the couch (good lord this couch has seen some action) and poured the wine, asking each other about our days.  The small talk and wine flowed for half an hour or so, before he took my almost empty glass from my hand and set it down with his own.

Taking my face in his hands, he kissed me passionately yet with some restraint.  He kissed well and obviously liked kissing me very much.  We canoodled on the couch lazily for a while, hands chastely staying away from the “hot zones”.  I liked the way he built the sensual tension in a patient and teasing way.  While most guys go right to the boob grab or try to slide their hand up my skirt immediately, he kept his hand on the small of my back, the back of my neck or at the side of my face, gently stroking and caressing.

After a while I asked him to come to the bedroom in a whisper, and stood up, taking his hand and led him to the side of the bed.  I pushed him gently backwards so he was lying down and I climbed on top to kiss him and press myself against him. Like I have done so many times before…

He effortlessly removed my shirt over my head and tried to unhook my bra.  I let him struggle for a moment then reached behind with one hand and flicked the clasp open.  We smiled at each other and resumed kissing.  The Fisherman gently rolled me to one side and lay on top of me briefly before sliding off and taking my skirt and panties with him.

I lay naked on the bed watching him remove his shirt and jeans, revealing his soft “dad bod”.  He was just the right amount of hairy (just on his chest not his back), with slim hips, strong legs and a meaty looking cock.

The Fisherman smiled at me and leant down to kiss me again before making his way down between my thighs.  His mouth felt warm and soft as he kissed my pussy all over, just gently flicking with his tongue then making me gasp with a broad long lick from my bottom to clitoris.

“I want to fuck you all night.” He whispered.

Oh alright then.

He came up to kiss me again and I wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling his hard cock nice and close.  He teased me with the tip before sliding in ever so slowly, then back out to tease me again.  He had complete control and I was loving it.

The reviews were right.

After enjoying all this careful attention I started to feel a little guilty that I wasn’t doing much except lie there enjoying myself, so I told him it was time to lie on his back.

He protested, “Tonight is all about you.”

I insisted and took his wet cock in my mouth, licking gently at the tip then moving down to his balls.  As I did he stroked my hair and moaned quietly, watching me and smiling at me when I looked up at him.  After a few minutes, I crawled up his body and straddled his cock, sliding up and down and swaying my hips as he looked into my eyes and pulled my face close to kiss him.

The Fisherman maintained eye contact the whole time, watching my face and smiling when he achieved the desired reactions.  It wasn’t at all creepy, like it can be with some men who stare at you the whole time.  It was actually sexy and intimate as hell.

He told he needed to lick my pussy some more, and who was I to argue?  I rolled onto my back and he settled in to work his magic.  He teased and coaxed, sucked and licked, quietly listening to my moans and when I told him I was coming, he kept the rhythm he had found and let me explode, before dialling back the intensity to let me recover, shaking and gasping.

The Fisherman moved up and buried his cock into my pulsating pussy, making me groan deeply.  He moved me to the edge of the bed, stood up and grabbed my ankles at his shoulders and pushed deep inside me, thrusting gently but deeply.  The Fisherman was no jack rabbit banger.  He loved feeling every inch of his cock feeling every inch of me as he slid in and it was exquisite.

“Oh God, I’m coming.”  He sighed almost reluctantly.

“Do it baby, let go.” I urged and he shuddered deep inside me, letting out a deep moan.

The Fisherman fell onto the bed beside me and pulled me close.  He kissed me gently and brushed my hair back behind my ear, smiling and looking into my eyes.

I excused myself to use the bathroom and when I came back he was lying back, smiling at me, so I lay next to him and snuggled into his chest.  He put his finger under my chin, lifting my face to kiss me and told me to spread my legs.

I shifted onto my back and he kissed me deeply while his hand trailed down my body to my hot, sticky pussy.  His fingers teased and tickled me in the most delicious way, gentle at first, building slowly then he pulled them away.

“Oh yes, tease me, please.” I begged.

The Fisherman gave me a knowing smile, and I let him take control.  For what seemed like an eternity he teased and coaxed my orgasm out, only to deliciously deny me of it over and over.  He ran his warm wet hand over my ass, lingering to tease that opening too, brushed his palm over my swollen lips and tickled my clit so gently I begged for more. Whenever the sensitivity turned to pain he used his tongue to kiss and caress my soreness away before returning his fingers to the task.  Eventually I reached a point where I was beyond orgasm.  Every nerve ending was raw and all I wanted was his cock again.

I climbed on top of him and put both his hands on my ass cheeks, and started to ride.

“You like your ass being played with, don’t you?” The Fisherman observed.  “Imagine if you had another cock right now behind you.”

The suggestion was indeed intriguing and I decided to make his efforts of the evening worth his while.

“Oh yes baby,” I whispered in his mouth, kissing him deeply intermittently. “Can you imagine, another big fat cock, fucking my ass from behind, pushing deep inside.  You can feel his cock in my ass as you fuck my pussy, two cocks filling me up.”

His breathing was getting heavier and I knew I had hit the right nerve.

I repeated the fantasy, feeling his cock hardening inside me as I talked dirty, and in seconds he exploded again, begging me to get off his cock as I gently pushed him to the limits of his sensitivity.

We lay together for a while, kissing and holding each other.  The Fisherman asked me if I had a coffee machine.

“I will need an espresso to make it home awake.”

“You can have a power nap here first if you like.” I shrugged.  I didn’t really want him to stay but I thought it polite to offer.

“Not on the first night, maybe.  Let save that for further down the track.”

Unlike The Toolman I had some confidence that he might be telling he truth.

We got up and he dressed as I made his coffee.  He kept kissing me and then asked me if I would like to do this again.

Actually I would.

Sidenote: Over the last week or so, The Boy Next Door has been in touch.  His latest quasi-relationship has properly ended and he is looking to resume our fuck buddy status.  He has texted me twice asking me to hook up late at night and I have refused.  He waited until after 10pm each time and I’ve been either in bed or almost there. The Boy Next Door knows I am dating again and is trying to squeeze into the rotation before it gets too busy or I find someone again.

He was messaging me as I awaited the arrival of The Fisherman, and he knew what I was going to be getting up to.  He asked me to let him know if my date cancelled so he could step into the breach.  The next morning he messaged me;

“So did he live up to his reviews?”

“Yep.  I am sitting on a bag of frozen peas right now.”

Still waiting on the reply.

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