130. The Captain – continued…

Beloved Readers, thank you for your patience.  As some of you suspect, things have been going so well with The Captain that I haven’t had the time or desire to write.

Unlike The Toolman, The Captain is normal in all the good ways:

  • A mere six days after we met, The Captain invited me to stay the night at his place.
  • When I was tired, he told me “we don’t have to have sex every time we are together.  I also like spending time with you.”
  • He jumped at the chance to go away for a weekend with me.  Which we did just two weeks after we met, and we are already planning the next getaway.
  • When I was sick, The Captain brought me lunch and rubbed my feet while we watched a movie.
  • He turns up on time and doesn’t mess me around.
  • He doesn’t pressure me to fulfill his every fantasy.  Which makes me want to!
  • He makes plans with me for trips, dates and time together.
  • We never part without making the next date.
  • He called me his girlfriend just three weeks after we met.

He is as sexually insatiable as I am and is keen to experiment with all the things I have learned over these last two years.

And he is a great fucking kisser.

When I hold him up against The Toolman, the craziness of that time is like a flashing, screeching alarm.  And I don’t miss the ups and downs.

But every boy, every man, every woman, every adventure, every heartbreak and disappointment has led me to The Captain.

He wistfully asked me one day, “why couldn’t I have met you when I was 30?”

And I told him it wouldn’t have worked if he had.  I was different, and so was he, and we both needed to take the journeys we have to get here.

In the last five weeks we have seen each other at least twice a week.  Dinners, movies, road trips, sex toy shopping, sofa snuggles, beach days, markets and wineries.  We love spending time together and make each other laugh all day long.

It feels different to be with an older man.  The Captain is youthful and if he hadn’t told me, I would have assumed he was my age.  He is caring, mature and unflappable, steady yet fun.  He makes me feel so loved and wanted.

The Captain looks at me like I am the most amazing woman he has ever seen.  He tells me how gorgeous, sexy, smart and lovely I am. All. The. Damn.Time.

I know this sounds like some soppy romantic movie, and I should be cringing at it all, but I’m not.

I am calm, happy and enjoying every day with him as it happens.  He has been so open and honest with me about so many things already, I feel secure and like I can trust him.

Nothing is perfect and we each have our various items of baggage but we seem to fit so well together that I feel like we could conquer any challenge together.

We talk about a future together and I truly feel like it will happen.  I like having him around and we miss each other just enough when we are apart.

For the first time in two years, I don’t feel compelled to write.  I know The Captain will be around for a long time and I want to keep our sexual adventures to ourselves.  My family and friends will meet him one day and I don’t want them to scrutinise him, knowing what we get up to behind closed doors.

Writing this blog has been invaluable to me.  I have vented and grown, gained knowledge, perspective and some new friends.  After each liaison or confusing encounter I needed to write about it to make sense of it all.  My friends who read the blog have been more open with me about their sex lives, which has deepened our friendships and my quest for intimacy has been achieved in more ways than one.

I am beyond thrilled that anyone actually read it!  I thought I would just throw all my ramblings out into the ether and nobody would care, but I have a small, kind, loyal following and I thank you for being there and supporting me.

When I started the blog I wondered if it would have a happy ending.  People would ask me if I would keep writing if I found someone, and I wasn’t sure.  But now I have found The Captain I have no desire to write about him, plus we all know happiness makes for terrible artistic output!  Who wants to read about my gross lovesickness?  Bleurgh.

So I am signing off….until it all goes wrong!

Maybe I will be back, so I urge you to subscribe via email, follow me on Twitter or Instagram; just in case The Captain takes a trip to JerkTown.

But I have a feeling I won’t be back for a long time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading.




24 thoughts on “130. The Captain – continued…

  1. I am so happy for you. Thank you for the update and I am glad that I was right. I totally understand why you want to keep things between yourself and The Captain private. Thank you for your generosity and candour in sharing your journey. I wish you all the best.

  2. So glad your happy. I am totally over you and have decided to reread the entire blog and your readers are right the toolman in your blog is a wanker. Its so totally untrue I can’t believe I didnt see it before. Right from the start the warning lights went off in your blog. I only fucked you and my ex fuckbuddy ahen you hurt me. I was hurt every time you fucked someone else but kept my mouth shut as I knew I was never enough for you. But when you fucked group sex behind my back lied to me and only told me the truth because I was going to find out is bullshit. You lost me there as I could never trust you again. I never wanted a relationship sounds like the captain does. To compare us is like comparing a apple to a car tire, absolute opposites. I hope you dont lie to him like you did to me. And dont use him like you used me for your pleasure. You gave others their fantasy but after a year could not even try and give me mine. I have had my fantasy now and she did that for me after only 4 months. And has given me so much more. The best thing you did was to break up with me. I have learnt alot and now put my pleasure first just like you always did and I’m alot better for it. Thanks for what we had and I hope the captain is all you want him to be. Good luck and all the best with him.

    • Ohhh where to begin? I think she’s got you spot on. When she did what you asked sexually you sunk into a mope-like state. You were conversing with other women and partners on a swinger site without her knowledge most of the time; and without considering her feelings on the opposite couple or matter. True, there are 2 sides to the story. However, when you did comment on other posts you made no remarks to change the events laid out to the readers. Right off the bat you were controlling and manipulative. You got what you wanted and left. Only to come back when you were left empty handed by another. You dodged her questions on your marriage status and other personal life that couples should be aware of. So come with Toolman. Are you married? Did you have another lover? Hmm?? It can’t all be her fault on this.

      Your return to the blog doesn’t surprise me. Are once again without a lover? If it’s validation and approval you seek you’ll find no shelter here, Sir. It’s times like this when the previous lover (you) “peaks” back into a former’s (IMHOC) life to see if they are doing worse than them. This is the glorious chance where you find yourself disappointed that she is not and doing just well; albeit with some trail and error after you.

      If you truly were bleeding from an orfice I would like to think IMHOC addressed it. For all we (the readers) know, you may be into that sort of thing. When the tissue (such as the anus) is spread past a point it’s elasticity is not accustomed too bleeding may occur. Of course there is always the off chance a injury took place; this is why save words and agreements are put in place by participating parties.

      I’m glad you found what you wanted, and they were able to provide you with the service you were so longing for.

      To quote Tom Petty, “Don’t come around here no more.”

      • Point taken Vegas. I was just shocked by some comments, but should have stayed silent. Thank you for your comments. We both made many mistakes and I think both have learnt from them. The most important thing is we are now both happy. And thats all that matters. All the best to you.

    • Brah,

      Its so obvious from the entire story that you were only in it for this threesome. You saw our protagonist with an open mind and a willing to explore just like you. Hell I can’t blame you – you wanted it. But it consumed you.

      How insistent you were for the threesome, the fact that you got pissed that SHE had the an experience without you, and now how happy you are now that you had your fantasy fulfilled.

      If it smells like a rat, looks like a rat…

  3. Blah blah blah I want you to do porny stuff but when you do porny stuff I get sad blah blah blah. Wow, you are so well rid of that textbook pornsick fuckboi.

  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    But until you really know a person how can you judge them???

    I expect everyone to think I’m a narcissist and I dont care. I’m not, never have been, or ever will be.

    “If you were dominating someone and they were bleeding from the anus would you have the respect to tell them or just let them read it in your blog???”

    • I’m curious why you’re spending all this time re reading the blog if you’re so over her? Shouldn’t you be off having threesomes?

    • You sound so ridiculous, you must have way too much time on your hands if you are reading old blogs/posts.

      If everything is going so well for yoursef and you have had your fantasy with your new girl after four months bla bla.. why are you back on here after going MIA for so long?

      Move on like she has.

  5. Ahhh the Toolman…. yesss you are a “pathological narcissist” thank you for confirming that for us… the more you post here the more you confirm it … see ya… oh btw… what was your actual living address again? lies upon lies upon lies

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