129. The Captain (52)

The Captain’s profile on the swinger’s site was much like mine.  He seemed to be looking for the same thing as me but I hadn’t paid him any attention, based on his age. I saw he had looked at me a few times and I had acknowledged his “likes” but I was busy responding to messages.

A few days after I first noticed him he sent me a message.

“I feel like we want the same things and I find your profile so enticing.  I’ve been reading it and wanted to make contact with you so I’ve paid for a membership so I can send you a message.  I think you are just gorgeous and I hope you will read my profile and message me back.”

It was pretty flattering so I messaged back.  We hit it off right away and chatted for just a day before he asked if he could call me, which he did on Friday during my lunch break.  The Captain sounded so very normal and nice, friendly and outgoing, lively and funny.  He had me smiling from the moment I heard his voice.

We agreed to a brunch date on Saturday and he was there waiting for me, on time and just as his pictures described.  The Captain is about six inches taller than me, broad shouldered and slim hipped with a slight middle-age paunch, a tight pair of buns and strong legs that show how much he likes a walk.

He seems a decade younger than his 52 years, his balding head is shaved close and his bright blue eyes sparkled as I kissed him hello, and we hugged outside the restaurant.

The Captain and I had a very enjoyable few hours, drinking coffee and eating our brunch while we told each other our stories.  He worked in auto sales and had two teenage children from a marriage that ended 18 months ago.  His ex had been chronically depressed, and over the years, increasingly disinterested in their  marriage and especially their sex life.  The last two years of the marriage they had lived separately under the same roof; their bedrooms at opposite ends of their house.  Ultimately, The Captain called it quits and left, and his kids told him they could see he was happier out of the marriage.

I could relate to much of his story.

After a few hours it became clear we could drink no more coffee and our date was over.

“I don’t want this date to end,” said The Captain.  “Shall we go for a walk on the beach?”

We drove to a nearby beach and strolled along for a while before finding a bench and kissing between asking each other questions.  The kisses were hot.  Smoking hot.

I had a family commitment and had to leave The Captain but we made plans to see each other the next day.

The Captain came over late in the morning and we packed some supplies and headed to the beach.  We found a secluded spot and set up our towels before walking hand in hand into the water.  We swam out to a little over waist deep, laughing and talking before we stopped and The Captain pulled me closed.

“Hello Gorgeous.” He purred.

I wrapped my legs around his waist under the water, and my arms around his neck.  One of his hands held my butt cheek and the other snaked around my waist, pulling me close to kiss me deeply.

It was bliss.

It was so hot.

And I wanted more.

We spent a few hours on the sand and in the water, flirting, talking, laughing and kissing.

“Do you want to come back to my place?” I asked.

“Absolutely Baby.” The Captain smiled.

We packed up and barely made it through the door before we were all over each other.

“Should we have a shower?” The Captain asked.

“I can’t wait that long” I pulled him in tight to my chest and kissed him feverishly, stripping his t-shirt over his head and tugging at his shorts.

We tumbled into bed and spent the afternoon pleasuring each other repeatedly.  This was the magic I had been looking for; a man who couldn’t get enough of me and wasn’t afraid to say it.

The Captain left late Sunday night, but not before we made plans to have dinner on Tuesday night.  He picked me up after work and we drove a few minutes away to a local Mexican place that I love.  It was a warm night and I was wearing a dress and sandals.  We laughed and talked easily, enjoying and relishing our food together.  It was a real and interesting date.  I felt like I could ask, or tell, him anything and he would be honest and open and mature.


Halfway through dinner I went to the bathroom, removed my lacy black g-string, then returned to the table.  As I walked past him to my seat, I bent to kiss his cheek and dropped the panties in his lap.

The Captain’s face flushed when he realised what I had done and he smiled at me.

“Oh my god, baby.  You are incredible.”

We finished our dinner and as we walked back to the car he held my hand.  We drove home laughing and flirting some more, with my hand stroking his thigh, grazing past his cock gently, getting him hard and excited.

We pulled up at a set of traffic lights and I smiled at him, locking eyes, spread my thighs apart and slipped a finger up my skirt and into my pussy.

“Oh Baby, wow.”  His eyes widened.

I put my dripping finger up to his lips and he moaned as he sucked on it enthusiastically.

“Oh wow Baby, you taste so amazing.”

We got back to my place and barely made it through the door before The Captain pulled my dress over my head and began to lap hungrily at my pussy.

We pleasured each other for hours, until he had to go home and get some sleep.

Four days, three dates.  And I felt calm and happy.  Excited to see him and secure that he wants me as badly as I want him.




7 thoughts on “129. The Captain (52)

  1. It’s so great when two people want the same things. Nothing is worse than being unmatched sexually. You are allowing him to be himself and it certainly sounds yummy 😋

  2. It has been a while since you have posted, not like I am stalking this page looking for an update or anything. I hope that you are so busy living your fabulous life, that you just haven’t had time.

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