124. The Gentleman (41)

We chatted constantly in the two days before our dinner date.  The Gentleman discussed the FLR paradigm at length, discussing various aspects and checking in with me about how I felt about it.

I didn’t know how I felt about it.  I liked the idea of his assured fidelity and my freedom to have other lovers, so I was keeping an open mind.

The day of our day approached and I was proper nervous.  We texted back and forth until it was time to go and get ready; it was flirty, fun, articulate and exciting.  He insisted on making the restaurant booking and driving an hour to meet me near my place.  I was turned on by his attentive behaviour and really looking forward to meeting him.

I dressed in black jeans, strappy kitten heels and a flowing pink shirt, with black and silver jewellery.  Feminine but with a little edge.  I pulled into the restaurant parking lot just as he pulled into the space opposite me.  I waited until he got out of his car, then I got out of mine and waved to him.

The Gentleman smiled and made his way over to me.

Oh fuck.  He is a hobbit.

Not only was he short, but he was at least two inches shorter than me, and almost four inches shorter with my tiny heels on.  He had a barrel chest and no neck, and when he smiled his teeth were a little gappy.  But he was clean, had lovely sparkly green eyes, smelled nice and was dressed with care.  The Gentleman obviously wanted to make a good impression and made the most of what he had.  He gave me a tentative yet warm hug and we made small talk as we went into the restaurant.

Dinner was pleasant enough and conversation flowed.  We talked in veiled tones about the Swingers Site and our experiences thus far.  He asked me more questions about what I had read on FLR and what I thought I would like about it.  We talked about past relationships and work, and I began to enjoy myself with him.  I wanted to talk more to him about the FLR dynamic so when he asked if I would like to take a walk, I suggested we go back to my place and have a frank chat there, where we wouldn’t be overheard.

The Gentleman followed me back to my apartment and sat awkwardly on my couch beside me.  We talked some more and after a while it was clear one of us had to make a move or the night was over.

The Gentleman leaned in slightly, then pulled back unsure, so I locked eyes with him and bit my bottom lip a little.  It reeled him in and we began to kiss.

His mouth was small and it felt like he was barely opening it, so immediately I was turned off.  I leaned over him and pushed to control our tempo, taking charge.  He moaned beneath me and I began to get my way.

I’d come this far and remembered my other short lovers, so asked him if he wanted to come and lie on my bed.  It would be easier and our height difference would be less obvious if we were lying side by side.

We kicked off our shoes and lay down to kiss and dry hump.  I decided to test his commitment to putting me first, so I removed all my clothes, down to my bra and panties, telling him to remain clothed.  I straddled his hips and ground myself against his medium sized, but rock hard penis. The Gentleman moaned with pleasure, and my dominant dirty-talking side came out.

“Does that feel good?  Do you like feeling my body?  Grab my ass.  Feel how wet I am.”

The Gentleman was so turned on I thought he might faint.

I rolled on to my back and demanded that he go down on me.  He got up off the bed awkwardly and made his way to the silky softness of my inner thighs.  I had spread myself before him on the bed and told him he had to work around my panties.

And that he did.  Boy did he….

He went to town, bringing me to a screaming orgasm in just a few minutes.  He might be tiny but he made my toes curl with his busy little tongue.  Shuddering, I motioned for The Gentleman to move up my body to kiss me.  As is my want, I like to wrap my legs and still quivering body around a man after I come and kiss him deeply, tasting my own sweetness on his mouth.  Once again The Gentleman got up awkwardly off the bed and then lay stiffly beside me.

“No, get on top and kiss me.  You had better remember that is what I like.” I scolded, leading the relationship o the places I wanted it to live.

The Gentleman rolled over awkwardly again, lying between my legs but supporting his upper body in a push-up position, arms rigid by my side.  I encouraged him to rest his puny body weight on me (pretty sure I could handle it) but he remained upright and lowered just his face to kiss me.

After a while I pushed him off me and began to unbutton his shirt.  As I grazed my fingernails over his nipples he sighed deeply and told me they were super sensitive.


“Perhaps I should tease you with some hot wax and ice?” I purred.

“Oh my God.”  The Gentleman moaned.

They were almost the only three words he said all night.  Over and over, ‘Oh my God…Thats so naughty!’

I began to get carried away with the fantasy.  The Gentleman was so easily aroused by me and I went for it.

“Would you like to stand in that corner while a young guy with a huge cock fucks me?”

‘Oh my God…Thats so naughty!’

“Would you like to me to lie on top of you and kiss you while another man fucks me doggy-style?”

‘Oooooh my God…Thats soooo naughty!’ He shivered with pleasure at the thought.

This went on all night.  He made me come again and I gave him, what he described as, “the best head of his life”, somehow managing to make it a very dominant act.

He was groaning and moaning with ecstasy, but didn’t finish.  I sat back up and told him I wanted him to make himself come.  This FLR thing may have it’s benefits.  He doesn’t expect me to do any work!

Earlier in the evening The Gentleman had described a FwB he had, where he would visit the woman’s house once a week and do nothing but lick her pussy for an hour or two.

TWO???  I queried that but he assured me he was not exaggerating.

After he came, he got up to clean himself off and then crawled under the covers with me.

“You can stay or go, I don’t mind.” I told him.

I both wanted my bed to myself, and morning sex. So I win either way.

“This is really nice” The Gentleman snuggled into me, stroking my nipple with his small, childlike hands.  It was a little freaky.

“I don’t have anything to go home to, I’d like to stay with you.” He nuzzled sleepily into my cleavage.  For a moment The Toolman’s face crossed my mind and I wished once again it was him saying that to me.

“Okay.”  I kissed him and rolled away so he could snuggle into my back.

In the morning, he was right where I left him, hard on pressing on my ass cheek.  I got up and rinsed my mouth with toothpaste quickly, before returning to the bed and kissing him good morning.

The Gentleman smiled and snuggled into me.  Soon he asked if he could go down on me again.

Oh alright, I sighed.

He buried his face deep into my pussy and kissed and licked while I looked down and watched him jerk himself off.

“You love that don’t you?” I fed his fantasy, “You should get used to being there, get to know every inch of my pussy intimately as you will never be allowed to see, touch or taste another one if you are with me.  Unless I allow it for my own pleasure.”

“Oh my God…yes, yes, yes.  That is so naughty.”  His muffled voice groaned from between my legs.

“Does it turn you on; touching yourself while you lick me?”

“Oh my God…yes, yes!”

“I’m the only woman you will ever fuck .” I told him.

The Gentleman had not actually penetrated me with his penis, although I did consider our evening had been spent having sex.  When I asked him if he wanted to put his cock in me, he said he very much wanted to but perhaps we should save that part for a future date.

No probs Pal.  Lets see what those baby fingers can do.

The Gentleman made me come twice more that morning, and I demanded he make himself come too. I watched him jerk off and just as it was getting serious, I pressed a finger just under his balls to massage his prostate from the outside just a little.

“Haaahhh…Haaahhh..Haaaaaaaaaahhh!”  The Gentleman sounded like a honking goose as he came, shuddering and exploding all over himself.

He went to clean himself again and when he returned I was out of bed and handing him his clothes.

“I have a lunch to get to, so its time for you to go.”

“Oh. Ok.”  He dressed slowly and almost “accidentally” left his watch behind.

I held the door open for him and he hugged me awkwardly, kissing me tentatively with his small, mostly-closed mouth.

“This was fun.”  He smiled shyly.

“Yep.  See you.” I ushered him out and closed the door.

A few minutes later he texted me from his car.

“Thank you for a lovely evening. xx”

“You are welcome.  It was fun.”

“It was very nice”



As I got ready, another text.

“Mmmm I can still taste you on my lips.”

I went to lunch and didn’t give him a second thought until I got a message at the end of the day.

“I hope you’ve had a great day. xx”

I’m going to have to break a hobbit’s heart, aren’t I?


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