So you may have seen my Twitter on 2 January 2018, where I told you about The Naked Cleaner popping up out of nowhere to send me a porno picture of himself.  At midnight on NYE he sent me a picture of himself.  It was a back-to-the-mirror selfie.  He was naked except for fishnet tights with the ass cut out, and a pair of kitten heeled, shiny leather/latex ankle boots.  I kind of liked the boots for myself.

Two days later, I was out to dinner when I got another message from him, so for your entertainment, here is the exchange:


Naked Cleaner

Then he found me on kik:

“I’m surprised it took you so long – HAHA!”

I thought for a moment before I blocked him and replied:

“I am sorry you have decided to be mean about this.  Perhaps if you had spoken to me nicely we would be friends.

By the way, I write a blog about my sex life and I have posted your pictures all over the internet for my readers to laugh at.

Buh Bye!”

I sent the message and blocked him the second he read it.

Enjoy your long night searching the internet, Asshole.

I’m not going subject you all to the pcitures I got of his hairy cock in a ring or the delightful dildo up his ass, but please enjoy laughing at his toes.  I instructed him one night to cut the toes out of his socks and paint his nails for me.  He probably jerked off to that little exchange for a month,

He hadn’t pissed me off; he had simply been rude, intrusive, boring and predictable.

The Naked Cleaner, like many other men, can’t handle rejection and my absolute acceptance of the kinky life he wanted to live.   I would feel sorry for him for being so closeted and sad, but he turned out to be just another asshole.



Buh Bye.

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