103. The Toolman gets punished

The Toolman was right when he told me he was coming down with something.  After we spoke he spent the next four days in bed with a horrible flu.

During those four days he was bored and texted me a lot. He was obviously feeling pretty sorry for himself and we missed each other.

While he was sick, I had been thinking about what I wanted. I knew I had reached a point where I felt ready for a slightly more serious boyfriend-type relationship.  I wanted it to be him.  All he had to do to fulfil that need for me was stay over once in a while, so we could build our emotional intimacy to the same level as the physical aspect we had achieved so quickly in the bedroom.

I just wanted him to come over on Friday or Saturday night, spend the evening with me, search the couples website together, maybe cook or go out to eat and have long nights of passion together.  Sometimes including other people we had spent time finding together.

But following our phone conversation, and the months of me waiting for him to honour me with a sleep-over, it seemed like he wasn’t going to be the one to give me the night I described.  So I had to think about how I was going to proceed with my life and how I was going to get my needs met.

The Toolman recovered from his illness and when Friday came we hadn’t made any plans to see each other, so I wished him a happy weekend.  He responded that he would see me on Saturday morning as usual.  He had just assumed he was coming over without asking and now that I knew he was just killing some time with me while he thought about having children with someone else, it made me mad.  He didn’t respect my time and I was starting to feel he didn’t respect me much either.

Saturday came.  He was running late and texting me as he drove.  I had decided not to wait around the apartment for him so had driven to the supermarket and was trying to ignore his texts as I browsed the aisles.  I only responded to let him know that today he was going to submit to me fully.

Finally The Toolman arrived, by which time I was pretty irritated, and I was immediately stern with him when he entered.

He removed his work boots at my door as usual and came over to embrace me.

I was busy in the kitchen and kept my back turned to him, just glancing over my shoulder. I told him to go to the bedroom and get naked, get out the tools required and pick an outfit for me to wear.

“May I kiss you first, Mistress?” He asked smiling.

I paused before allowing him a brief, soft kiss on the lips.

The Toolman went to the bedroom and I took my time, making him wait for me.  After a while I entered the bedroom to find him on all fours on the bed, ass in the air and blindfold on.

While tempted to leave him like that and just penetrate his ass without warning, I instructed him to lay on his back, where I tied him spreadeagled to the bed.  I left the room and returned with some ice cubes in a small bowl and a soy massage candle which I lit up so the wax would melt.

I ignored the outfit he had selected and stripped to my bra and panties.  They did match; I’m not a monster.

Once he was blindfolded and gagged I got in his ear and whispered “I don’t want to listen to you talk today.”

I was ready to show him he should be grateful to be my slave.

The Toolman’s nipples are his most sensitive erogenous zone and today they were going to take some punishment.   I took an ice cube from the bowl.  I gently placed my mouth on his nipple and teased it with my tongue and warm mouth before circling it with the ice.  The Toolman writhed and moaned into the ball gag.

When his nipple was freezing and hard, I took the candle and dripped the hot wax right on him.  The Toolman’s back arched and his cock hardened and there were goosebumps on his flesh.

As I took his nipples from hot to cold and back again, I began whispering in his ear.

“You don’t appreciate me, do you?”

“You don’t deserve me, do you?”

“Have you been watching porn, watching those desperate women get raped to make money for men? Do you feel good about yourself watching women get raped on tape?”

“Does it turn you on to look at the swingers website and all the pictures of women sucking men’s dicks?”

My ice was melted so I attached a pair of nipple clamps and began flogging him on the thighs.  My fury at him was coming out and I had to reign it back so I didn’t hurt him.  I wanted to hit him right across the face and scream at him that he was a fucking asshole for hurting me.  But I held my emotions together knowing my  domination of him came with responsibility, and I couldn’t lose control.

I moved to between his legs and fucked his ass relentlessly.  I avoided his cock, wanted him to be aching for my touch, only occasionally stroking it or gripping it in my fist then quickly releasing it.  After a while his ass began to look like it was bleeding a little so I stopped.  The Toolman didn’t appear to be in pain, he was enjoying getting fucked, but despite everything I was feeling, I didn’t want to injure him.

Taking the gag out of his mouth, I took the dildo I was about to fuck him with and put it on his lips.

“Open wide and suck my cock.” I growled.

I slid it in his obliging mouth and kept going gently until he began to gag.

“Oh come on,” I sighed “You can take more than that!  I sure can, so you better try harder.”

I made him gag a few more times with only the head in his mouth before I felt he could now relate to my experience of the previous week.  Maybe he would think twice before trying to ram his cock down my throat.

I untied him and told him to keep his blindfold and wrist cuffs on while he ate my pussy until I came.  I lay back as he made his way blindly down my body then settled between my legs.

I stroked his head and encouraged him while he attended to my need, like a good slave.

“Thats it.  That is where you belong, isn’t it Slave?  Licking my delicious pussy.  What a lucky slave you are.”

Soon I began to orgasm and as I reached my peak and could take no more I yelled at him.


In our usual lovemaking sessions he would ignore my pleas to stop when the orgasm turned to pain, but he obeyed me this time, sitting up immediately.

I told The Toolman he was a good boy and as a reward he could remove his blindfold and cuffs to fuck me. I rode him roughly, twisting his tender nipples then finally let him kiss me, telling him to have his hands all over me and to tell me how good I felt to him.

The Toolman obeyed and we continued to fuck for hours.

Eventually we lay back in the bed, personas dropped, and cuddled in the afternoon light.  We made general conversation and I knew I had to muster my courage to let him know what I had been thinking.

I took a deep breath and told him I had something to say.

“I want you to know you were right, you told me up front you don’t have time for a relationship and it has turned out to be true. I am ready to find someone who wants to spend time with me and you don’t know what you want. You want to find a 30 year old to have kids with….” I began.

“I just think about that sometimes, I’m too old really.” The Toolman interrupted before telling me to continue.

“Anyway, we can keep seeing each other and doing some swinging sometimes, but I think we should forget about being exclusive and I will go back on Tinder.’

He was shocked.

“What are you going on Tinder for? To find a relationship?” He asked.

“Yes. I want to find someone who wants to spend time with me, hang out, have fun, go out on dates. I would like it if that person was you but you aren’t willing to give me that so I want to find someone who will”

The wind was knocked out of his sails and I felt bad instantly. I didn’t want to hurt him, but our entire relationship had been on his terms and I had to be heard.

“We only see each other when you want to, I don’t get a say. The whole sleepover issue seems so unreasonable to me now. We have known each other for almost a year and our relationship hasn’t really grown. I feel incredible when we are together, do you blame me for wanting a little more?” I tried to lighten the mood.

He was hurt and I thought for a minute there were tears in his eyes. We talked for a while and he told me how shocked he was to hear that I didn’t want to be exclusive anymore. I told him I wouldn’t do anything until he had time to think about it, and I was open to negotiating the terms of our relationship going forward.

I reminded The Toolman he is a grown man, single with no kids or other unavoidable obligations and his time was his own. He can choose to spend it however and with whoever he wants and he doesn’t choose to invest it in me or his own happiness.

He said he would think about it then rolled on top of me and began to fuck me tenderly.  He nestled his face in my neck and wouldn’t bring it up to kiss me as he usually would and it dawned on me he might be crying.  It was sad and I began to realise I had blindsided him, and I was sorry I had said anything.

“Toolman, I adore you. I really hope you will choose to be happy and I hope that includes me. But if it doesn’t then I want to find someone who does choose me.”

When we finished I searched his face but saw no tears.  He told me he had to go and as we got up to dress I jokingly said,

“Go on, get out of here.”

The Toolman looked at me.

“That is the first time you have ever said that to me.”

The Toolman had a sore back and I rubbed some pain cream into it for him before he went on his way, seemingly okay and beginning to think about what he wanted our relationship to be.

I sincerely hoped he would choose happiness. Whatever form that may take.

And perhaps I would get what I needed too.

4 thoughts on “103. The Toolman gets punished

  1. This post was so dang powerful. Good on you! I’m glad you said what you said, and I honestly felt bad for the Toolman as well. I fluctuate so much with the toolman!

    This line had me rolling: I ignored the outfit he had selected and stripped to my bra and panties. They did match; I’m not a monster.

  2. I have no comment since it all happened last year 😅, but ya know? , I’m glad for you, for the ToolMan, for everything, but we all want to be heard one way or the other and on equal terms and conditions with a lot of communication, I hope it all worked/works well.

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