99. The Toolman takes care of me

It was a rainy Monday when I parked my car at the train station before work.  I was trying a new way to travel to work and it meant I pulled up right next to the park where The Toolman and I had our outside adventure a few months before (84. The Toolman and the park).  I sent him a saucy text to let him know where I was and how I was remembering the day fondly.

“Hmmmm” He replied.  “Maybe I should meet you there after work tonight.”

It was freezing and raining so the idea of stumbling through the dark, cold and wet park at night did not fill me with desire.  I told The Toolman so but his memory of that day was on his mind and he was now very much in the mood for something naughty.

The day progressed and it turned into a pretty stressful one for me.  The Toolman was messaging me sexy notes as he tried to talk me into an evening rendezvous at the park, and while I briefly considered it, I knew it wasn’t how the night would play out and I let The Toolman know.

He was disappointed but by now he knew I was having a bad day so agreed to meet me at my place instead.

We arrived at my place within a few minutes of each other.  I had only been home long enough to turn on the lights and the heating before The Toolman came in, embraced me and removed his shirt and shoes.  He sat back on my sofa with his leg along the length of it and motioned for me to sit between his legs and lay my body back against his chest.  I was fully clothed still, and as I reclined, resting my head on his shoulder he wrapped his arms around me, before kissing my neck warmly.

I immediately relaxed into the heat of his body.  His strong arms comforted me and his tender kisses on my cheek and neck made me tingle all over.

The Toolman slid one hand under my shirt to cup and caress my breast, while the other hand travelled down the front of my body to the waistband of my pants.  As I eagerly parted my thighs, he slowly moved his hand into my panties to stroke and tease me. My back arched at his touch and I turned my face to his for a kiss.

“No.” The Toolman said firmly, and nudged my face away with his own and kissed my neck again.

I rested my head back on his shoulder while he held me tight and close.  I was powerless to move and had to submit to his will.  After my difficult day it was a relief to let him take charge.

The Toolman probed and tickled me with his fingers, both in my panties and bra, and before long the heat of climax began to move through my whole body and I began to shake and shudder.  I moaned loudly as The Toolman massaged my hot, wet clit with his hand and I convulsed with pleasure.  He held me firmly through the waves of my orgasm until I was completely released.

I sat up and turned around, looking at him with dreamy, satisfied eyes, then kissed him in that desperate way you do when someone has just rocked your world.  As I pressed my panting mouth against his soft and eager lips, I began to unbuckle his belt to free his hard cock.

I got on the floor between his legs and took him greedily into my mouth.  My lips and tongue eased their way around him, flicking, kissing, sucking, moaning and devouring.  My hands were on the base of his shaft, stroking and pulling gently.

Before long The Toolman took my hand and guided me to my feet before we made our way to the bedroom.  We undressed each other and got under the blankets, snuggling together and made love for another few hours.  We cuddled and talked for a while afterwards, then The Toolman went home; leaving me far more relaxed than he found me.

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