92. Saturdays with The Toolman

I was lying in bed on Saturday morning talking on the phone, waiting for The Toolman to message me that he was on his way.

I hung up the call and checked my screen. Nothing. Hmm. I sent him a message asking what time he was coming over and then his picture flashed up on the screen as his call came in.

“Well, I have good news and bad news.” He told me, “The good news is I am on your side of town. Have you had a shower yet?”

I hadn’t and told him so.

“Well the bad news is I am around the corner and will be at your place in a couple of minutes.” He laughed.

Fuck!!! I leapt out of bed and unlocked the door and jumped in the shower. I had just soaped myself up when I heard my shower door slide open and The Toolman joined me under the warm water.

Immediately he was loving and sensual, soaping me and kissing me passionately. I had always tried to get The Husband to get busy with me in the shower (we had a huge one) and he never would. The Toolman and I regularly shower together pre, post and during sex; and while my shower was tiny, we made it work. We made it work very well.

We dried off a little and got under the covers. Until recently all our escapades had taken place on top of the sheets, but now the weather was a little cooler and since our night together after Mr & Mrs Playful, The Toolman seemed to want to snuggle and cuddle with me all cosy under the blankets. I wasn’t objecting. I fucking love it.

The Toolman moved down to lick my pussy, while his fingers wandered in and out of my pussy and ass. It was a lot of sensation and not long before I came. And I came hard, his mouth on my clitoris and his finger in my ass. I cried out as he relentlessly pushed me further and further over the edge of ecstasy.

I begged him to come up to my face, and he kissed me as he pushed his engorged cock into me, making me shudder again.

The Toolman fucked me hard for about half an hour before I glanced at the clock. I was expecting a friend from work to arrive at noon to collect some furniture I was giving her for her new place. I told The Toolman how I had joked with her that “my boyfriend” would be there when she came over, but not to worry as I would tie him up in the bedroom if she gave me ten minutes notice.

“Lets do that! Do you wanna tie me up?” He asked enthusiastically.

I laughingly agreed and shortly afterwards I got her text that she was ten minutes away. Quickly I grabbed my ropes and restraints out of my “fun drawer” and bound him tight. I put his “Slave” collar on and a blindfold over his eyes.

As he lay there immobilised, I stroked his body lightly with my fingertips, surprising him with my tongue licking him sporadically in his most sensitive places, until the knock at the door came.

I threw on clothes and went to the door, pulling the bedroom door shut behind me. I had a conversation with my friend while she picked up the furniture items, and we stood in the doorway for five minutes chatting. As we stood there, two young men in white short-sleeved shirts and black ties came up the stairs, clutching pamphlets under their arms.

“Hello” They said. “Would you like to talk to us about your faith?”

I considered inviting them in to sit on the side of the bed and talk about Jesus, while The Toolman lay bound and blindfolded, but instead laughed and told them we weren’t interested and said goodbye to my friend.

I returned to the bedroom alone to tease The Toolman with my fingers and mouth before slathering a vibrator in lubricant and sliding it into his ass. After getting him warmed up I decided to try the strap on again and I stepped into the harness, tightening the straps around my thighs and waist. We tried a few positions, but without the benefit of sensation it is quite difficult to stay on target, and after a while I gave in, untied him and went back to crouching between his spread thighs with my trusty vibrator.

Stroking The Toolman’s cock while I massaged the inside of his ass soon proved too much for The Toolman to bear. His moans were deep and loud, guttural and animalistic. When he came he exploded and I licked the drops of cum from the tip of his cock, sending shockwaves through his sensitive head.

We got back in the shower together to wash away all the lube I had used.

“Lets get back into bed and cuddle.” The Toolman smiled.

We lay there kissing, caressing and talking. While I was getting aroused, and wanted to fuck him again, I was sore. His cock is big. And we go at it deep, hard and fast, as well as slow and gentle, but when the first round lasts an hour and is non-stop, I can get pretty sore and tender. I asked him to stroke me gently while I recovered and his fingers brushed across and around my pussy until I was dripping wet and begging him to make me climax. The Toolman obliged and soon I was screaming through muffled kisses in his mouth.

We lay back on the pillow together and in the post-orgasmic glow, I had to ask a question.

“I’m getting pretty attached to you Toolman. If there is anything I need to know, now is the time to tell me.”

The Toolman paused and reflected for a moment.

“I’ve felt that way about you for a while now. All I wanted was a regular fuck, but instead I found you. There isn’t anything you don’t already know. The only thing is I am pretty stressed about my friend. He doesn’t have much time left.” He cast his eyes down.

The Toolman had told me about a friend who was terminally ill some time ago. There had been some hope but it seemed now, that hope was gone.

While I was sad to see him sad, I was also comforted that the only bombshell he had to drop was about something other than our “relationship”. It felt like he was comfortable confiding in me. Our trust was growing.

“I do wish I could see you more. I feel bad.” The Toolman confessed

I assured The Toolman I was happy with how things were with us and I didn’t want anything to change.

“Perhaps you should move closer if you want to see me more.” I joked.

“Or move in.” His eyes twinkled as he said it and I knew he was joking.

“You can’t move in. We wouldn’t be able to stop fucking each other. We would die of dehydration, malnutrition and lose our jobs.” I laughed. “But maybe the occasional sleep over would allow us more time together.”

I didn’t wait for him to respond, instead asking him if he wanted to talk about our progress, or lack thereof, on the swinging website.

“Fuck that.” He snarled. “I’m getting sick of the time wasters.”

The Toolman rolled on top of me and we resumed our favourite pastime. After a few minutes he faked an over the top orgasm and we laughed.

“Its all very funny until somebody gets pregnant!” I chastised.

“There are worse things that could happen.” The Toolman said.


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