89. The Toolman and Mrs & Mrs Playful (part 1)

Three months ago we found Mr & Mrs Playful through one of the apps.  They were friendly and genuine, which I am rapidly learning can be hard to come by. We chatted with them for a few days and Mrs Playful and I had a lengthy phone conversation where we hit it off beautifully. I think she and I decide then and there that the four of us would meet.

This happened right before The Toolman and I made it official and we were distracted by the state of our relationship and various personal pressures, so while we thought of Mr & Mrs Playful often we weren’t in the right place to initiate a meet up.

When my birthday came around and The Toolman asked me what I might like to do, we talked about a number of options and I suggested a visit to the sex club might be fun.

The Toolman agreed and, unbeknownst to me, contacted Mr & Mrs Playful to ask if they would like to be my birthday presents. On my birthday he revealed his plan to me and I was delighted we would finally meet them.

As an extra birthday present The Toolman also invited himself to spend the night at my place.

The Toolman had previously been clear with me that he didn’t do sleepovers. For him, sharing a bed with someone meant something. Until he felt committed and in a partnership with someone, sharing a bed for the night wasn’t an option for him. As regular readers will know, I have no such qualms. For me sleepovers are about convenience and morning sex, but I respected his feelings and tried not to suggest it too often.

Excited as I was by our plans, I was a little anxious about meeting Mr & Mrs Playful. She was a different body type to me, more petite and athletic, and with great boobs. My own insecurities about my body were difficult to overcome, not to mention the ever present concern that I might go bat-shit jealous if I saw The Toolman with another woman right before my eyes.

Reminding myself about how freeing and body affirming the previous sex club experience had been, I tried to put these thoughts out of my head and instead daydreamed about The Toolman coming home with me.

I find getting ready for a sex club is more difficult than a regular night out. What do you wear? If I sport some fancy lingerie will it come off entirely before anyone can admire it? There is a 50/50 chance I would arrive and strip immediately to get in the jacuzzi, but I still wanted to look good so I made some effort with my hair and makeup, matching underwear and a black dress with knee-high boots.

The Toolman had been working all day and was running late. I met him at the kerb and we took off in a rush, not wanting to keep Mr & Mrs Playful waiting. We parked out front and climbed the stairs to the secure entry, where the host took our money and gave us a tour, giving us all the rules as we inspected each room. We were the first people there so our haste had been for nothing and we had the place to ourselves.

The club was on one level, bar at the front, jacuzzi and steam room at the back, and a long narrow hallway running the length of the club, with a myriad of little rooms all the way along both sides of the hall. Some had large vinyl covered beds, one had a swing, others had seats for watching porn and there was a “suckatorium”. I didn’t bother checking that out. I know what a hole in a wall looks like.

The Toolman and I returned to the bar, got drinks and took a seat. We were both buzzing with anticipation and fidgeting nervously as we watched a few more people arrive.

One couple came and sat at on a sofa on the other side of the room. They looked like your typical grandparents. She was wearing a twin-set and clutching her purse on her lap like a librarian on a bus. Her hair looked freshly set, and I imagined her sitting at the hairdresser earlier in the day, smiling to herself about the reason for her special make over.

A few other people arrived, mainly men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Last time it had been couples and single women only at the sex club, but this time single men were also permitted, so it was a little more intimidating for me but The Toolman and I had agreed to stick close to each other so I felt protected at all times.

Mr & Mrs Playful arrived and we greeted each other warmly. They looked just like their pictures, which is always a relief, and we smiled, flirting as we got more drinks and talked easily for about an hour. Conversation flowed and I had a few wines for courage. I had a moment, watching The Toolman tell an anecdote, where I felt like we were a real couple. It was a soiree with another couple around our age and we could just as easily have been in a restaurant or pub on a double date with friends. I watched him being sociable and my stone cold heart melted just a bit.

Turns out I quite like The Toolman.

At some point someone suggested we move to the jacuzzi so we went to the locker room to strip and grab our towels. It was just like a gym change room, relaxed and nobody leered or stared as I undressed, my careful outfit selection now crammed into the locker.

The jacuzzi was steaming and I was only in there a few minutes before the wine and heat started to make me feel a little giddy. I lifted myself out of the water a bit for some cool air on my skin, just as a white haired man in his fifties asked if he could join us in the water. We were friendly and he kept a respectful distance but I couldn’t help but stare as he looked just like a guy I work with. That could have been stressful!

On our way to the jacuzzi, we had passed a room off the hallway which was entirely mirrored inside.

“I’m really hot. Shall we go to the mirror room?” I asked Mr & Mrs Playful. They smiled and nodded. We all went to the shower stall to rinse off and grabbed our towels before heading back up the hallway.

We slid back the lockable black door. A large bed took up all but a strip of floor in the entry way and the walls and ceiling were all mirrored. All we could see were our naked bodies multiplied and stretching beyond the horizon in every direction. We laughed and danced around in front of the mirrors a bit before Mrs Playful and I sat on the bed together while our men stood with their backs to the now-locked door.

“How do we start?” Mrs Playful asked.

We had already discussed how far we were all willing to go and Mrs Playful had expressed an interest in being with a woman so I knew that would be where we started.

After our last experience I was determined The Toolman would not be on the sidelines the time, so I told Mrs Playful I want us to both blow The Toolman simultaneously. I knew it was a fantasy of his and I wanted to ensure he didn’t miss out.

She agreed to this, provided Mr Playful also received his fair share, so I nodded and began kissing her. She was soft and silky to the touch and kissed me passionately. As was stroked each other’s hair and kissed, Mr Playful stroked my back and I looked up to catch The Toolman’s eye.

After a moment, we moved to face The Toolman’s erect cock and continue to kiss before incorporating his tip into the tangle of our lips and tongues. The Toolman watched silently, taking in every moment. After a few minutes we moved to Mr Playful and give him the same treat. Mrs Playful whispered to me she wants to suck them both together so I sit back while she takes both of them in her hands and moves her mouth from one to the other before pulling them close to put both tips in her mouth together.

I watch intently, before trying it for myself. It is more pleasurable than it sounds. The guys didn’t seem to mind their dicks touching in my mouth and it was an exciting sensation to move my tongue between, around and over both cocks.

Mrs Playful lies back and I go down on her. The Toolman comes to help for a moment, before moving up to her face, kissing her and stroking her breasts. Mr Playful is behind me, fingering me roughly while I make his wife moan. Soon I am moaning and writhing too.

There are limbs, mouths, moans and hands everywhere. I am focussed on Mrs Playful’s pussy in front my face and while I can feel what is happening around me I can’t fully see everyone. I use the mirrors to try and catch The Toolman’s eye, but his eyes are closed as he kisses Mrs Playful.

Mrs Playful warned me she wasn’t very experienced with eating pussy but was willing to try, so I move away from Mr Playful’s hand and directed Mrs Playful to go down on me. While The Toolman kisses me, Mr Playful’s cock is stroked by my free hand.

Mrs Playful’s tongue licked at me tentatively but so gently I couldn’t really feel anything so I instigated another position change. We shuffle around the bed. I end up on my knees and I look up, trying to catch The Toolman’s eye, to find him also on all fours going down on Mrs Playful so I position myself behind him to suck his cock. Before I begin I reach into the tub of complimentary condoms and had one over my shoulder to Mr Playful who puts it on and fucks me from behind.

After a while Mrs Playful gets on all fours and The Toolman takes a position behind her and she moans deeply as he enters her. Mr Playful and I have moved around so he is in my mouth while I watch The Toolman in the mirror. They change positions again.  Now she is sitting on his lap and kissing him while riding his big hard cock. I look between his legs and can see the base of his shaft as she moves up and down, but I can’t see a condom.

What I can see is her arms wrapped tightly around him as she kisses him deeply and rides that wonderful cock.  I feel a stab of jealousy.  They look so connected and intimate.  Suddenly my interactions with Mr Playful feel cursory, perfunctory and like he and I are just there to watch while Mrs Playful gets all the attention.

I know from previous conversations with Mrs Playful that they usually just have threesomes with another guy and I am realising that Mr Playful likes to watch her have a good time.  Is he into me at all or just there for her pleasure?

With Mr Playful’s cock still in my mouth, I reach back on the pretext of stroking The Toolman’s balls while he fucks her, but I am actually frantically feeling for the condom. I am relieved to find one. While I never doubted he would use one, my eyes weren’t on him the entire time and I had to be sure.  I am conditioned to expect betrayal so The Toolman scores another point for being true to his word.

We are all starting to get really hot and thirsty so we agree to take a break.  We grab our towels and head to the showers again before making our way up the hallway to the front bar.  I walk ahead of the others and suddenly realise they aren’t right behind me.  I grip my towel around me as I press into the wall to wait for The Toolman.  I can see he is just a few feet away but facing away from me, speaking to Mrs Playful.

Then I feel a hand on my ass.

“Having a good time, Sweetheart?” A man’s voice asks as two guys squeeze past me and continue down the hall.

“Yep”.  I answer breezily, pushing further back into the wall, willing The Toolman to my side.

That kind of uninvited touching is very much against the rules and had I thought more quickly I would have called for security and had them kicked out.  It was dark and I hadn’t even seen their faces so instead I kept quiet, knowing I couldn’t identify them to security anyway.  Assholes.

Mrs Playful and I took a seat next to the bar while the men ordered drinks.  The second the guys turned away, a horny old guy in a towel sat opposite us and started to chat with us.  I looked intently at the comical 70s porn on the big screen tv (it hasn’t changed much apart from the reduction in body hair) while Mrs Playful politely indulged this poor guy who didn’t stand a chance.

To be continued….


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