85. The Blog Dilemma

Now that I am seeing The Toolman exclusively, I don’t have as much to write about, Beloved Reader.

And as The Toolman is my most voracious reader, I am aware that what I write may upset him.

I want to keep writing but struggle with this dilemma.  Can I write honestly about a relationship I am in?  

Imagine you write your feelings in your diary or journal every time you spend time with someone and then they read it.  There are always thoughts you have that you wouldn’t want them to know, right?

What if I write something that offends or upsets The Toolman?

So far he has taken the entire blog in his stride and I don’t know if there is much I could say that would provoke a negative reaction in The Toolman. He is quite unflappable.

Could this blog be the ultimate communication tool for us, albeit a one way street?

So if he can handle it, does anyone want to read about it?  Some readers have told me they are quite invested in my story now and that my relationship with The Toolman is their favourite soap opera.  I am sure we will be having noteworthy adventures that will be titillating and exciting to read about (we recently joined a swinging website as a couple).  But at one point do I make our relationship private?  Will I look back at this when it ends and have a vivid, visceral reminder of every  day with him?  How will that feel?

If you still want to read about us, feel free to leave a comment below.  If you do, I will try to post weekly and I urge you to sign up for email notifications (I won’t email anything else. I’m not selling anything nor will I spam you) or follow me on Twitter or Instagram so you know when posts are published.

I have been humbled by the number of readers I have amassed and the positive feedback I’ve received from you.  I would like to keep writing, and I hope you want to keep reading.

8 thoughts on “85. The Blog Dilemma

  1. Please don’t stop! Your blog and confidence has given this 40 something single girl a kick in the arse to get back out there. And if you take away we will never know what happens in the end it will be like a an unfinished book or movie!

    • Emma that is exactly what I hoped to achieve! Show us 40 something chicks what it’s like out there now and that you can be in charge of your pleasure. And, whatever form that takes, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
      You go get em! 🐯

      Ps Toolman and I are off to another sex club tonight so I will have something to write about tomorrow 😈😈

  2. It’s your blog! Any lover you share the blog with has to understand, and accept, that you will write and expose your true feelings and vulnerabilities within your writing. Keep writing. It’s good for your soul.

  3. So as i saw a social media post (i added you quite some time ago) i decided now i have time to catch up and read the blog start to “finish” (since i also know this is on going). I really enjoy your writing, and the style you do it with. To put your life, good/bad/ugly, out into the world must be extremely cathartic and terrifying at the same time and i just want to say I’m grateful for it.

    • Thank you Jessica! 💖 While it is confronting to write (and read!) I’ve never found it scary. The clarity I’ve gained from writing about my experiences is invaluable and helps me see how far I have come.
      I also wanted to reach women in a similar circumstance to mine (post divorce daters in a new landscape of apps and eager younger men, exploring and getting their groove on!).
      I am grateful for you and all my readers 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  4. Do what you think the best for yourself! , Whether it’s a written blog , a voice blog , a video blog , a book , etc whatever it is it’s up to you , it’s not someone else’s decision to make , but ya know? We would love for you to keep blogging every if it’s a monthly blog , a weekly blog , a daily blog… As you write it down you get those feelings for others who didn’t feel about the experience yet , people fear somethings but you give them courage to do so , people who don’t have experience about sex well also feel and know how sex works sometimes… , Even me, as a guy, it did give me some confidence in somethings…

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