84. The Toolman and the park

I had been away for a week and The Toolman had messaged me at least every morning and night.

“Good morning Gorgeous.”

“Sweet dreams Sexy.”

I liked it very much that I wasn’t out of sight, out of mind.  He sent me videos messages and even sent me a video of himself in a secluded forest setting.

“This is where we have to come.  Somewhere nice and quiet, secluded and where I can fuck your brains out in nature.  We would have a great time.”  He smiled at the camera.

I remember The Anxious Guy, who was very into camping, telling me he would love to fuck me in the great outdoors but in his experience there was nowhere truly deserted and private.  I found it difficult to believe it at the time, and now The Toolman had found a spot.  It seemed to be a deserted farmhouse in a small valley, surrounded by tall trees and bushes.

Great place to murder someone, I couldn’t help but think.

When I returned from my trip, The Toolman and I were very keen to see each other.  Despite having made plans to do something on Wednesday, he asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him on Monday.  He was going to be working nearby and I was free all day.

As noon approached he messaged to let me know where he was and arrange a meeting spot.

“Lunch or a trip to the park?” He asked.

With the toilet incident fresh in my memory, I wasn’t too keen on the park, especially as it was a lovely sunny day and it was sure to be busy.  I didn’t need another aborted quickie; I needed some quality Toolman Time.

After thinking about it for a while I figured we could walk and talk if it was too crowded and it would be okay, as we would see each other just two days later and were sure to get the private time I was craving.

Our cars pulled up at the park at the same time and he gave me a big smile as I got out of the car.  The Toolman kissed me and took my picnic blanket from my arms before taking my hand and walking me across the busy street.

We walked away from the crowds of families in the playground and up a hill to a clearing surrounded by tall, old trees and scrubby bushes.  It was beautiful and quiet, the distant traffic the only noise.

“Here?” I asked.  It was quiet but not secluded.  Anyone who walked along the same path as us would spot us easily.

“Not here.  There.” The Toolman pointed towards the bushes.

I asked him if there was anyone else in there.  He had talked about “dogging” spots before where men gathered to watch people have sex, hoping to join in.  I wasn’t keen on that idea, but he assured me he would check to make sure we were alone.

“Have you been here before?” I asked, thinking maybe he had come here  for some nefarious purpose in the past.

“I used to work nearby and would come here at lunchtime and walk around the park.  I often thought this would be a good place to bring a girl for some fun.”

I relaxed.  It wasn’t some weirdos hangout.  Just a pretty spot that had sparked a fantasy for him.  And now he was here with this girl.

He took my hand and led me through the gaps in the low trees and undergrowth until we reached a small clearing that was surrounded by fallen logs and shrubbery.

The Toolman stretched his long legs over the log in front of us and I hesitated.  Under my dress I had neglected to put on underwear, thinking that we may only get the chance for some furtive fumblings and easy access was required.  So I wasn’t keen to climb over a waist high log with splinters-a-plenty to injure myself upon.

“Here, hold my bag.” I handed him my stuff and dropped to my knees and crawled in the dirt under the logs.

The Toolman helped me up on the other side and gave me back my bag.

“Wait here, I’m just gonna check we are alone.”  

There was another clearing just beyond a tree where there was rubbish visible.  Candy and chip packets obviously left behind by teens who probably came there to drink and hang out away from their parents.  And do who-knows what else.

The Toolman did a sweep while I took in our surrounds.  It was quiet and very private.  The sun was shining, warm on my face.  Apart from the teens’ nearby trash, it was pristine and quiet.

The Toolman returned and spread out the picnic blanket.

“Lay down.  This is all about you today.” He smiled and kissed me deeply while one hand slipped up my dress to find my nakedness underneath.

“Oh I hoped you would forget your panties.”  He grinned.

As I lay down, The Toolman took his position face down between my legs.  As he started slowly licking and kissing me, I looked up at the blue sky and tree branches.  The breeze gently whispered through the leaves overhead, as I began to whisper my moans.  I wanted him to make me come hard and fast.  I had waited too long already and I didn’t want him to hold me on the edge this time; I needed the release he was going to give me.

The Toolman listened to me softly crying out for him to make me come and he swiftly did.  I closed my eyes to the warm sun and felt myself exploding.  The Toolman grabbed my thighs and pulled my writhing groin to his face, pushing me beyond the edge.

“Please come here” I stroked his head and urged him to come up to kiss me.  His face was wet with my juices and he kissed me deeply, while I begged him to fuck me.

“Today is only about you.” He told me.

“And I want to fuck you” I pulled him closer as he unzipped and pushed into me.

The Toolman fucked me in the sunshine and bushes, before pulling up on to his knees.  I sat up and took his wet cock into my mouth and licked him while he stroked my hair.  I noticed movement out of the side of my eye and looked to the right.  The Toolman’s hand was holding his phone as he videoed me.

The Toolman had done this before.  His phone must be quickly filling up with video clips of me and I am not sure how I feel about it.  I know it is stupid to let someone film you as you can’t control who they show or what they do with it.  So far I felt that The Toolman used these home movies for his own gratification and nothing else.  He freely volunteered to delete them in front of me whenever I wanted them gone.  So far I trusted him and I hoped that wouldn’t come back to bite me in the ass.

I hit the stop button on his phone.

“You have enough videos of me.” I smiled at him before resuming the task at hand.

We moved to doggy style and his cock went in deep as I clutched the tree branch in front of me.  The angle of the ground was a little uneven so after a while I told him to lie down while I made him come.

The Toolman lay back and held my left hand while I stroked him with the other and teased him with my tongue.  After a few minutes he took over the stroking while I pushed up his teeshirt to pinch his nipple and licked the tip of his cock as he spurted his cum over his hand.

I sat up and reached for my bag to get a wet wipe for him (prepared like a Boy Scout, motherfuckers!) to clean himself, then kissed him gently.

We brushed ourselves off and made our way back through the gap in the shrubs to the path and hand in hand, strolled the long way back to our cars, admiring the natural setting and talking about much fun it was to be naked in it.

The Toolman saw me to my car, kissed me goodbye and I drove home in a daze.

With a very big smile on my face.

6 thoughts on “84. The Toolman and the park

  1. How old is the Toolman in relation to you? Younger? He just seems to ‘use’ you as someone who knows is head over heels for him and obedient to his sexual fantasies. Blah!

      • I don’t think the age idfference is an issue. But he just appears more… selfish and immature in that way. Maturer lovers wouldn’t be so focused on themselves?

        Am I being too judgy? I think about myself and my open marriage and how I am with my lovers. Maybe its because I tend to be more of a pleaser rather than focused on my pleasure. I dunno.

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