2. The Married Man (mid 40s)

We have known each other since we were in our teens.  We dated for a second but have sporadically kept in touch over the years, usually whenever one of us has a relationship breakdown or some kind of emotional crisis we seek each other out for comfort.  He has been married a number of times and before I met Husband we had a brief fling.  He was going through a tough time;  his work was difficult, he had two young children and in that cliched way he needed to “get away” and get some attention just for himself.  I figured the responsibility to be faithful was his and that I was using him as much as he was using me.

It was brief but very exciting.  We snuck around and fucked in his office on the boardroom table after hours which provided me with fantasy material for years afterwards.  When my marriage broke up I knew he would be the one to make me feel better about my sexual desirability.  He has always found me very sexy and exciting and he was keen to assist me in my time of need.  I saw him the day after I moved out. We talked and it was clear that the old spark was still there and when the conversation was over I was so turned on I could barely contain myself.  He did want me.  I was still sexy and desirable to him.  Nothing happened that day but it did about a week later.

I got a text and 15 minutes later he was at my door.  I remembered what he liked and immediately pushed him on to the bed, unzipped him and took him in my mouth.  His moans were loud and gratifying, making me more and more enthusiastic.  He pulled me up on top of him after a few minutes and his hands were all over me.  We pushed each other around the bed, unable to touch each other’s bodies fast enough.   He buried his head between my legs and I couldn’t believe the feeling of ecstasy when I felt that pleasure again.  I had not felt it for years.

We both climaxed quickly and sat on the bed talking afterwards.  We have always been able to talk easily and we discussed our marriages and justified his infidelity to ourselves (nothing like a good rationalisation – I can’t get through a day without one!).  We have both suffered depression at various times in our lives and we talk freely about the tough times and agree that life is for the living.  So throw caution to the wind right?

MM is a talker and I really get off hearing him praise my body and prowess.  I feel like MM will always be in my life from time to time.  He doesn’t want to leave his wife and children and I don’t want him to.  He would be a nightmare to be married to!  Apart from the cheating he is reckless and a workaholic and a big man-child (starting to think most of them are).  He would drive me crazy, but I am happy to connect with him once in a while and keep my distance.  I would never go full bunny-boiler and blow his life apart.  What for?  I don’t want him full time.

A few weeks back I awoke at 230am to my phone ringing.  It was MM and I hung up immediately.  He called again right away.  “Dude! What??” I mumbled sleepily.

“I’m heading home from the city and wondered if you were doing anything”

“It’s 230 in the morning Dude.  I’m sleeping!”

He told me he had been out with his buddies and wanted to stop by on the way home for some fun.  Well….it is the weekend and I can sleep all Sunday if I want….”Ok, come over.”

He arrived soon after and we hit the sheets.  After an exciting romp we talked about my experiences on the dating apps, and he expressed his disappointment that he couldn’t have his own account to have affairs.  He knows he would be caught and it would mean the end of his world, but his desire for new experiences with new women is very strong.

I told him about some of the guys I had met and some of their kinks, and how most of them are around 30, so are energetic enough to have sex multiple times in one night and how I recently had intercourse 6 times with one guy in a single night.

“Six?? I’m done for the week!” He exclaimed.  Isn’t his wife lucky?

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